Empowering and Embracing Womanhood with Grace

Start to love yourself, all you beautiful women out there!

By Foxesden

A lot of women in today’s generation are worried about how they look and how they must present themselves. What most girls of the 21st century don’t realize is that being a woman is not as stressful as the society makes it feel. You have an identity of your own and being a woman is only one part of it.

Womanhood is about embracing your body, your talents, your emotions, and most importantly – to be able to accept yourself just the way you are.

Megan Markle mentioned in her speech on International Woman’s Day – “It is said that girls with dreams become women with vision. May we empower each other to carry out such vision”. The ‘Suits’ TV actress believes that one must find their dream to make a far-fetched vision for the future.

If you haven’t already, these are some of the many ways you can embrace yourself –

1. Learn to Accept

The first step towards finding yourself is accepting who you are. Don’t try and fit yourself into a Prada size 8 if you can’t. The size of the clothes is not an accurate representation of your size. Learn to accept your body and learn to be comfortable in your own skin. Don’t let the unrealistic demands of the society get to you.

2. Some girls just have more than others

You may know a girl your age going around holidaying with her friends to Switzerland or Hawaii, or some other girl who may have a million Gucci bags, while some other girl could be studying in Harvard or Yale. Some girls may have it all at present, but that does not mean you aren’t capable of it. Remember to tell yourself every day that it’s okay if you aren’t there yet because you are ‘on your way’!

3. Find your passion

In a society filled with aggressive competition, you may not find what you truly want too early in life, but remember that it is completely natural to not be able to find your passion even in your late 20’s. Go and explore your options, don’t solely bind yourself to things that you are only supposed to do, but also delve into things you may want to try. Go learn a new language, play a sport that fascinates you, read as many books as you can, educate yourself and ask lots of questions. Never let the spark to know more ever die. As you grow older, you should only keep expanding your horizons further.

4. Don’t worry about people not liking you – It’s an exhausting thought!

You are going to come across people who will not like you, and that is absolutely normal. It is too depleting to give negativity a thought and it is definitely not worth it. Your coworkers and friends may have their own insecurities and frustrations come out on you and others at some point in time. Be patient, because it will get better. The only prudent approach is to understand that everyone is fighting their own battles unknown to many, and it may not be wise to judge them.

5. …Finally, Just Be

Just like one would require a single spark of light to kill the darkness, empowering yourself can be the beginning to empower other women, so be a good example. The physical cycle and day to day activities have a direct impact on the mental state of mind, so learn to sleep well and be healthy. 

It is okay to try things out of your comfort zone, but don’t get caught up in unnecessary drama. Trust yourself to take the right decision, and stand by your decision once you’ve taken it.

Never hold your emotions in, life is too short to pretend to be a certain way. Realize that you are unique the way you are, and tell yourself that you are going to be better than what you were yesterday. Remember that insecurities are a big NO, feel secure by wanting to improve yourself each day.