5 Reasons Not To Abandon The Tradition Of Handwritten Letters

Here are five reasons why we should keep the spirit of traditional communication alive in the digital era.

By Maria Khan

Gone are those days when people used to send handwritten letters and postcards, to communicate with their friends and family living overseas. It is so very uncommon to hear that someone is still doing this despite living in the digital era.

Facebook, Email, Instagram and other social networking sites have made it easier for us to keep in touch with our loved ones. Handwritten letters require time and effort, which the receiver no doubt acknowledges, as we all know how busy life can get.

There are some raw emotions in these letters which a simple email does not possess of. Also, the impact of these handwritten letters and postcards remain for a long time as they are heartfelt.

Whether you’re trying to keep in touch with a friend or a loved one, handwritten letters are bound to make your bond much more deeper and stronger. Here are five reasons why we should keep the spirit of traditional communication alive in the digital era.

1. They Are Eternal


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The efforts put into writing a letter or postcard is evident and the receiver is very well aware of the that and indefinitely stores all letters.We can save our WhatsApp chat logs and emails but the essence of a handwritten letter will never be the same as saving technological communication chats. Therefore, in the years to come one can reopen the letters and reminisce the emotions they felt when the letters were received.

2. The Receiver Feels Special

It would be impossible if the receiver does not acknowledge you efforts in the handwritten letter, as only someone special is likely to receive such a letter. Moreover, it gives a sense of warmth from miles away; you feel much more attached to the sender. You know they went out of their way to write you a little something just to convey how special you are to them. Also, some like making handmade postcards which makes the receiver feel even more special as that requires time, effort and dedication.

3. They Reveal Your Inner Emotions

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Anything handwritten reveals more understanding and emotions rather than a simple text or email. And why is that so? Simply, because one takes time out of their usual schedule and diverts all their attention on putting their feelings on a piece of paper. They would be less concerned about their incoming texts as you need to unplug yourself from the digital life in order to actually pen your emotions down. It also creates a deeper meaning in any form of relationship when the traditional communication methods are used.

4. They Create A Sense Of Excitement And Anticipation 

Once you’ve posted the letter or postcard, it’s obvious that both the parties are tracking the status and waiting for the other to receive the envelope. It makes your relationship with your loved ones more personal, as you can’t be as raw on text than on a handwritten letter. Let’s not forget how busy our days can get and sometimes we’re not able to stay in constant contact with our loved ones. Therefore, the anticipation of having the opportunity to put your technological devices away and read a handwritten letter is a blessing is disguise.

5. They Are Out Of The Ordinary

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Indeed they are, especially since we’re all living in the digital. Whenever I’ve heard of someone sending their loved one a handwritten letter or postcard, the first thought that enters my head is how sweet the gesture is. Just imagine how the individual at the receiving end will feel when they open their mailbox and see a letter addressed to them form you. It will immediately cross their mind as to who still uses traditional means of communication as they are out of the ordinary. Thus, do something different and see how your bond blooms.