3 Unique Themed Runs That You Should Participate In Singapore

Kick start your fitness goals with these 3 themed runs!

By Zoey Lee

2017, a new year to start anew. A new year to give yourself another chance to create brand new resolutions to (hopefully!) achieve in the year. The most familiar resolution that most would probably set will definitely be to start keeping fit.

It’s the beginning of the second month, and let’s face it, maybe you have started to lose the motivation to start your fitness regime. No worries as here are 3 unique themed runs to look out for in 2017 to help kick start your fitness goals.

1. Teh Tarik Run 2017

Probably the first run of it’s kind, the Teh Tarik Run is not your usual competitive runs. Participants will need to drink a cup of Teh Tarik per 1KM that they have ran/walked from a Tik Gong (Milk cans that are traditionally used to tabao hot beverages). That’s not all! There will be a prata party after the run to accompany your 4 cups of Teh Tarik plus even more Teh Tarik. Yep thats right, the only beverage that you will get – not even water. I must say, for me, I’ll work extremely hard to be one of the first few finishers cos’ food comes first. More prata? Yes please!

If you are interested,
Date: 9 April 2017
Time: 7:45AM
Price: $25, after 15 Feb $35
Categories: 4KM
Website: http://tehtarikrun.com/

2. Star Wars Run 2017

Possibly one of the most highly anticipated race, The Star Wars Run is dropping here in Singapore in 2017 (YES!).  Participants will not only You can finally live your Star Wars fantasies as there is even the light side or dark side race packs. Your side is determined by whether you are competing competitively or not. I mean, what’s better than to kick start your 2017 fitness goals with the run in the galaxy? Time to grab your light sabres, suit up and pick a side. May the force be with you!

If you are interested,
Date: 6 May 2017
Time: 7:00PM
10KM ($75, after 12 Mar 2017 $85), 4.5KM ($70, after 12 Mar 2017 $80)
Categories: Competitive, Non-competitive (10KM/4.5KM)
Website: http://www.esprimo.com.sg/StarWarsRunSG/

3. DreamWorks Day 2017

For the inner child in us, this is the run to sign up for! The first ever DreamWorks Day Run in Asia will feature the familiar childhood characters from Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, How To Train Your Dragon and Madagascar. Needless to say, this is an opportunity to take photos and interact with the DreamWorks characters. Maybe it is time for me to learn some KungFu skills with Po!

If you are interested,
Date: 24 June 2017
Time: 4:00PM – 8:00PM
5KM: Early Bird $55, Normal $65. 800M: Early Bird $45, Normal: $55
Categories: 5KM, Kids Dash (4-12 year old) 800M
Website: https://www.dreamworksday.sg/