Are you a avid content writer or simply have an idea that you wish to share with us?

We’d gladly hear your thoughts! Simply write in to Foxesden by sending your ideas to with the subject header “Content @ Foxesden”. Be sure to introduce yourself!

Internship Opportunities

Foxesden is looking for a motivated and passionate assistant producer / editor intern to join us!

We are looking candidates who posses:

  • Writing skills or video editing
  • Some production experience
  • Highly driven and creative
  • Interest in the fashion industry or it’s other verticals

You’ll be working in teams to produce content that is fresh and relevant to our readership. The role will require you to be involved from pre-production to production, assisting our producer. Video editing for our social network pages and projects, the candidate should be able to commit for 3-6 months, or the duration stipulated by your school.

Interested candidates may apply to with the subject header “Internship @ Foxesden” with a conversational 3 paragraph introducing yourself, background, why you think you’re suitable, your social media accounts, your resume. If you do it right, you’ll land yourself an interview.