Snag these bags for more

Would you fork out those extra bucks for bags by bigger brands?

By Kimberly Kiong

Balenciaga’s latest Spring 2017 Menswear Collection got people buzzing about value. Its Arena Extra-Large Shopper Tote Bag is strikingly similar to a bag we are all familiar with when getting that $1 Hotdog or ……. right, actually furniture shopping.

The Balenciaga bag retails for over SG$4000, a stark contrast from the price of its doppelgänger, the IKEA Frakta bag which only costs SG$0.90. However, they do differ in material quality. Balenciaga’s is made of blue wrinkled, glazed leather whilst IKEA’s is made polypropylene plastic. The IKEA brand logo adorning the straps is also traded for simple blue leather straps in Balenciaga’s version with a subtle, gold “Balenciaga” label on the front of the bag.


Balenciaga’s Arena Extra-Large Shopper Tote Bag (Over SG$4000)

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IKEA’s Frakta Bag (SG$0.90)

However, this is not the first time we see cheap or disposable carrier bags repackaged as luxury or fashion items.

Here we have Balenciaga’s Bazar Shopper Bag looking very similar to Asia’s market stall bags.


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   Balenciaga’s Bazar Shopper Bag


Asia’s market stall bags

Stylenanda’s latest tote bags are also suggestive of disposable plastic bags we have here in our hawker centres. One even sports a motif similar to Evian’s brand logo.

Stylenanda tote bags 

Disposable carrier bags

What are your thoughts on forking out those extra bucks for these bags?