Ways to wear glitter on your hair this holiday

Nothing will stop these hair styles from its shine this Christmas.

By Hui Xin

It seemed that the recent year felt like a Hunger Games pursuit of which hair trend will be the coolest and most striking way to spice up one’s look. With the holidays quickly approaching, we’re guessing you’re about to see more than your share of the shiny stuff. Why not join in on the seasonal sparkle in a totally new way?

Space Buns

Definitely our favourite way to wear glitter. This cute space bun shows off your glittery roots and holds your hair up in a cute knot.

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The glitter accent on the braids gives your hair a girly and elegant look.

Dipped ponytail

Instead of putting glitter on the top of your head, wear them on the tip of your ponytail to give it an edgy look.

Braided Bun

If you don’t want to deal with actual glitter, take a hint from J Law’s hairstyle by weaving a jewelled headband or sparkly ribbon into a braid.