Unveiling the Universal Do-It-All Face Brush by 13rushes

Introducing the latest collaboration between two local beauty powers, 13rushes and Larry Yeo.

By Rong Qian

Diamonds may be every girl’s best friend, but makeup brushes may very well be every makeup maniac’s significant other. So hold your horses, as up-and-coming homegrown cruelty-free cosmetic brush brand, 13rushes has just teamed up with local makeup maestro, Larry Yeo, to create an all-in-one brush that dreams are made of.

The Universal Do-It-All Face brush is created to tackle the application of sunscreen, primer, foundation (cream, gel or powder), blusher, bronzer, contouring makeup, highlighter and finishing powder. To top it off, it is purportedly user-friendly on all skin textures too.

The brainchild of Larry and 13rushes, the idea was to create a brush that would, “perform brilliantly for all purpose and with all textures and formats”.

The end result is a lush and fluffy, densely-packed brush that works for both powder and cream products. And as with most dense brushes, we’d expect the brush to cause streaks or pick up more product than necessary, but with the Universal Do-It-All, the bristles are tapered and designed to allow sufficient movement despite its’ density, for a smooth and even distribution of your desired makeup product. The slight angle of the brush also aids in getting your contour into the nooks and crannies such as beside your nose and under your chin.

And like all of 13rushes products, the Universal Do-It-All Face went through a stringent 12-stage production phase and is hand-trimmed at its base to leave the bristle tips gentle and soft on the skin.

Sold on this super practical brush? If so, you can find the Universal Do-It-All Face brush exclusively on 13rushes.com retailing for $39.90 each.


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