Two-Tone Blush Flush

Flush like never before! Rock more than one shade of blush with this bold and quirky makeup for all skin tones.

By Esther Soh

For those of you who swear by applying blush in your makeup regime, why not play up your look by adding warmth to your face with more than a swipe of your regular single-shade blush?

The two-toned lip trend, or coined by many Koreans as the gradient or ombre lips, has no doubt made its mark in Asian makeup history but nobody said that this technique is solely restricted to our lips. Maybe it’s time to venture upwards and treat our cheeks to a pretty dash of duality and dimension!

Many of us are perfectly comfortable with our classic shade of flush sitting on the apple of our cheeks. But for the bolder women who are looking for a quirky and vibrant appearance, all you need to grab is your two favourite blushes and a trusty blush brush.


Fair Skin

Left: NYX Ombre Blush in Sweet Spring. Right: 3CE Pink Gradation Bold Blush in Plum Candy.

The most flattering hues for the fair-skinned are baby pink, peach and sheer plum. Dab your brush in a lighter shade of your choice and apply it on the apples of your cheeks, followed by brushing a slightly darker shade towards your hairline. A combination of a subtle and a strong shade brings creates depth and dimension to your face without the need of contouring!


Medium Skin

Left: M.A.C Proenza Schouler Blush in Ocean City. Right: 3CE Pink Gradation Bold Blush in Peachy Beach.

A tad bit of warmth in shades of apricot, mauve and soft berry is all you require to lift your face tone. Tint your cheeks with a mix of these colours to give off an effortlessly soft and flirtatious look! A trick to shaping your face purely with blush is to apply the chosen darker shade towards the edge of your cheeks while focusing the lighter shade on the apples of your cheeks.


Dark Skin

Left: 3CE Duo Colour Face Blush in Retro Drive. Right: NYX Ombre Blush in Feel The Heat.

For you dark-skinned girls, go in with brick, bright tangerine or raisin blush shades to create the best harmony on your face! Don’t fret about throwing on a layer of bright hues because these shades go hand-in-hand with your rich brown complexion. You know the routine – go lighter on the centre and darker on the outside for that natural contouring effect.

Take a step out of the ordinary and give this duo blush effect a try!