Say Goodbye to Hair Commitment Woes

Give your hair a two week makeover with April Skin's Turn-Up Hair Treatment!

By Esther Soh

Brittle, frizzy and dull hair are now a thing of the past! Stop worrying about additional damage to your continuously bleached and coloured hair because April Skin has provided a solution with their recently launched Turn-Up Colour Treatment. On the surface, this might look like any other conventional drugstore DIY hair dye but what makes it special is how it provides a semi-permanent hair transformation while offering a remedy for damaged hair.

For the daring yet uncommitted, this is your best alternative to eliminate your hair woes. The Turn-Up Colour Treatment offers 5 shades of colour tint that lasts for 2 to 3 weeks. If you fancy a unique shade like ash violet or burgundy, all that is required is finding the right ratio topped off with a pinch of creativity. Unlike permanent dyes that penetrate and expand hair cuticles to deposit or remove colour, April Skin’s new creation avoids cuticle damage by attaching colour pigments to the outer surface of hair. Enhanced with 20 herb extracts and jojoba seed oil, this treatment seeks to boost hydration and nourishment for hair that has undergone multiple chemical processes and frequent washing.

Left to right: Red, Orange, Pink, Peach Pink, Green Blue

Be it dark hair or bleached hair, obtaining a different look is made possible with the Turn-Up Colour Treatment. However, the shades ranging from cool to warm tones definitely carry a more vivid and dramatic colour pop on a lighter base. Don’t fret if you have dark hair because this range also offers Turn-Up Bleach, which is an inexpensive and quick self-bleaching kit to lighten and prep your hair for the optimal hair makeover.

If you are looking for a quick yet affordable hair fix, this may just be your best bet! No more overthinking about what fits and what doesn’t as the Turn-Up Colour Treatment is a mere two weeks of dabbling with a little fun. Supposing that the colour doesn’t match your style, you are just a few washes away to the next shade of your choice!

You can get yours online here or at any Sasa outlet in Singapore!