New hype: Carving eyebrows

New beauty trend that beauty addicts are hooked onto: Carving eyebrows

By Nur Syuhrah

Yes you read that right, there is a new hype of carving eyebrows. Well it sounds crude but no, I don’t mean carving your eyebrows with carving tools. Instead, drawing lines following the eyebrows beneath, above all around the eyebrow to give an illusion of a carved eyebrow. In other words, you can call it a ‘frame’ for the eyebrows. The trend sparked off from Alexa Link, a makeup artist from Austin, TX, who challenged herself to do the #1000daysofmakeup challenge. She posted a picture of her eyebrow back in April and since then, makeup artists from different areas have been trying to recreate the look and adding their own touch to this style and it officially became a thing.

What do you guys think? Would you go the extra mile to ‘carve’ your eyebrows? Cos the trend is hyping up! To replicate this look, you don’t need to be a professional makeup artist. All you have to do is take a pencil liner or a dark eyeshadow and trace the outline of your eyebrows in bold. To prevent the line from looking so harsh, always remember to BLEND! (you can blend it out with an eyeshadow) Lastly, the lines should still be defined. So, conceal the edges to avoid it looking too smudged. Its up to your creativity whether you want it to be a smokey look or give it a pop of colours! You can even add additional designs like adding a flower or glitter and the options are endless!

Do you think this trend is a yay or nay? Beautiful or ridiculous? Would you jump in and rock this look? Tell us what you think!

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