Mask Lovers, You Have To See This

Emoji mask and where to find it!

By Foxesden

If you haven’t found out, yes, we have emoji sheet masks! Whether they are aesthetically pleasing, well, that will be up to the beholder. According to Allure, Petite Amie Skincare has taken our most commonly used emojis and made them into a new series of facial mask. These masks are not only epic but they are also inspired by the expression of the emoji themselves.

The Cooling Masque, for example, calms and soothes the skin after being in the sun for a long day and it is inspired and printed with the angry face emoji! So this mask will naturally contain ingredients like aloe vera extract and Punica Granatum fruit extract (Pomegranate extract) that are great for soothing sunburns.

Similarly, the Love Masque containing the active ingredient organic rose hydroactive cellular renovator helps to tone the skin. Hence leaving the skin feeling loved.

Emoji masks can be found here on the Petit Amie Skincare website for $10 each.

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