Kimage X Foxesden.

Colour the way you like.

By Foxesden

Always wanted to colour your hair but don’t have the guts to do it? Not sure what will suit you? Having healthy and luscious hair helps you to boost your confidence so you’ll be pleased to find out that Kimage has launched a new ColourCode campaign that has started from the 15th of April and will last till the 1st of June. With this newly launched campaign, you’ll be able to achieve the perfect hair colour easily. Watch as foxesden receives an exclusive firsthand experience of the ColourCode Campaign consultation and hair dyeing process.

Providing you with professional services to meet individual needs, Kimage hardly fails to deliver. Their recently launched campaign allows their customers to create hair colours unique to their skin tone, lifestyle and personality. By using silver and gold sheets to compare against your skin, you are a step closer to achieving a hair colour that will suit you best. For example, if the silver sheet matches you better, a cooler tone would be a better match for you. Also, did you know that you can use colour conturing on your hair as well? This means that a brighter shade of colour applied at the appropriate segments will allow a greater volumising effect on your hair and compliment your face shape!

At the end of the customised hair service, customers will receive a ColourCode card with the custom colour code for their hair. This is so that when you return and would like the same hair colour, it can be easily achieved and once again bringing out your most confident self with lusciously coloured hair!