BECCA x Chrissy Teigen glow face palette

Chrissy Teigen has finally revealed the launch date for her glow face palette in collaboration with BECCA cosmetics! You will soon be able to get them in Singapore!

By Foxesden

By now you should have at least one palette in your makeup collection. Don’t panic if you don’t, this palette has all the essentials you need to achieve a most natural makeup look! BECCA cosmetic created this limited edition glow face palette in collaboration with model, Chrissy Teigen.

“For me, it was really to use colours that would resonate with all sorts of skin shades,” Teigen mentioned in the first interview she’s given about the collaboration with WWD. As these colours in the palette are all hand-picked by Chrissy Teigen herself, she said the palette is inspired by colours her makeup artist Mary Phillips uses when prepping her for the red carpet. Since she became a mother, Chrissy Teigen admitted that she does not have time to get a spray tan every two to three days like she used to, and she got exhausted thinking about what shade to use for her skin. For this reason, Teigen got into thinking about creating a palette of her own. “They always make me look glowy and fresh and awake. When you’re feeling like you have no energy and not a single colour pigment in you, that’s what these colors do for you.” Teigen insisted.

Teigen also shared some of her own makeup tips with her fans “There is a way to use every single aspect. I’ve had makeup artists tell me the bronzer is wonderful on eyes. You hear people using it for different things. It’s just like cooking, I swear to God. I don’t want people to think there are set rules for everything,”


The moral of the story here is to be brave and daring the try on these colours. It is not necessary to use a blush as a blush only, it can also be used as a base colour for your eyeshadow. Why not? That will perhaps save some space for you makeup bag as well as for your wallet!

The face palette features highlighters both in Beach Nectar and Rose Gold. It also comes with a specially designed Sunlit Bronzer in Malibu Soleil. Unlike many other bronzers available on the market today, this bronzer does not make your side cheek look dull and lifeless. Instead, it gives you a splash of light and makes your skin looks kissed by the sun. That is not all! Add a little golden pink coral blush using the Luminous blush in Hibiscus Bloom.

This US$46 palette will soon be distributed throughout the U.S end of this month, and you will soon be able to try it out for yourselves in Sephora Singapore.