Local music : Axel Brizzy

This year's Skechers Sundown Festival focused on local talents, and one of them was 19-year-old rapper: Axel Brizzy


Last Saturday, Skecher’s Sundown Festival returned for their 8th edition, transforming Labrador Park into an all inclusive playground for lovers of the Asian music scene. With a lineup completely made up of local acts, the event took the opportunity to shine a spotlight on Singapore’s musical talents. We managed to chat with one of the opening acts, local rapper, Axel Brizzy. 

Axel began pursuing a career in music in 2015. Following in the footsteps of his quote “favourite artist of all time”, Childish Gambino, Axel took to the internet’s rap name generators to seek out his very own creative identity. Duke B came along, followed by D-Brizzy, which eventually evolved into what, or shall I say, who we now know as Axel Brizzy.

At this year’s Skechers Sundown Festival, Axel opened for well-known pop/rock band The Summer State (who themselves have opened for international acts such as Simple Plan and Yellowcard). Axel is no stranger to sharing the stage with big names in the local music industry phenom. He was featured on the same set as The Sam Willows at SHINE Festival earlier this year. Since then, Axel’s following has been steadily increasing – and will likely continue to rise in light of his yet-to-be released single featuring Jon from The Sam Willows.

With gig after gig lined up, his schedule is more packed than ever. Making finding the balance between his career, family and being a full time student a constant work in progress. Lucky for him, he has a healthy support system of a proud family and lecturers looking out for his well-being.

That afternoon, Axel took to the stage, pumping the audience up with his infectious energy and rapid flow. As he performed his song Poetic Love (a shoutout to Kendrick Lamar’s Poetic Justice), it was hard to believe the young rapper on stage was the same boy who once took 4 years to muster up enough courage to perform in front of his school for Teacher’s Day. His one piece of advice to aspiring musicians plagued by stage fright, is: “Just go”. Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

With his eagerness to show his versatility in the creative scene in Singapore, Axel Brizzy is someone to look out for.



All photographs taken by: Jariel Ann Tan
and Edited by: A’in Roslan


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