Event: Nguan’s ‘How Loneliness Goes’ Exhibition at Gillman Barracks

Local photographer Nguan's photography exhibition, How Loneliness Goes, is showing now in FOST Gallery at Gillman Barracks.

By Joelle Quek

Local photographer Nguan’s photography exhibition, How Loneliness Goes, is showing now in FOST Gallery at Gillman Barracks.

Nguan’s photographs examine big city yearning, ordinary fantasies and emotional globalisation. They
have been featured in many of the world’s most popular publications. His evocative images of
Singapore – all rendered in a signature palette of muted pastels – are ubiquitous on the Web and social
media, profoundly affecting how a generation views the city.

How Loneliness Goes is about those of us who abide in the city. The photographs in the series employ
Singapore’s distinct vernacular architecture as both scenery and supporting cast for a lyrical and
ambivalent portrayal of urban isolation. Whether they are depicted as being on their own or in the
middle of a teeming crowd, the protagonists in the images appear detached and bereft – a part of the living, yet apart from it.

The work functions as an allegory for the impossibility of connection in modern life. The pictures also
affirm the tenuous margins that divide maturity or worldliness from a sort of brokenness, and
melancholy from a kind of peace.

Nguan has published two books: Shibuya (2010) and How Loneliness Goes (2013). His work is in the permanent collection of the Singapore Art Museum.

‘How Loneliness Goes’ runs till 12 April at FOST Gallery. For more information, visit FOST Gallery’s website here.