BECKA covers Ignition by R. Kelly.

Known for being the voice behind '20 seconds' for local TV series 'The Breakup List', BECKA just dropped 2 new singles. Read on find out more!

By Foxesden

Check out the local bilingual singer-songwriter BECKA as she covers Ignition by R. Kelly. By now you should be familiar with her name. The 25-year-old artist has just released her new single ‘Gold‘. The song has a catchy chorus and is believes in women self-empowerment. Our favourite line from the song is “You need nobody else to make you feel good, cause you already know.”

BECKA also created a food themed song titled ‘So Sedap’ to celebrate the Singaporean street food culture. Stay tuned for her upcoming new single, ‘Remember’, that will be releasing in July.

“People have photographs. I have songs to mark significant milestones on my journey.” said BECKA, in an editorial interview she did with Bandwagon.

You can find link to her song on Spotify from her Facebook page. Be sure to follow her Instagram to get the latest updates.