[INTERVIEW] yellow brick road ft. Dorothy

On this week's featurette, meet Dorothy — actress, model, and an up-and-coming beauty vlogger.

By Vanessa

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Dorothy. 25. Actress/Model. 

The sun was beating down on us. We sauntered through colonial structures and art in the sweltering heat.

That, however, did not dampen Dorothy’s vibrant spirit as we situated her in foliage and echoey hallways for our shoot.

Here, we present to you Dorothy’s photo set, yellow brick road (some pun intended).

After which, we sat ourselves down for some chill and questions.

Who is Dorothy?

Hi! I’m a model and actress. But besides that, I am hoping to start my own beauty channel on Youtube, so I recently joined Beauty Bound Asia 2016 which is a competition for participants to be crowned as a top beauty content creator. This is the second year they’re having it, and this year they have 8 people at the national level, plus it’s a variety show concept. So, I’m really looking forward to that! Of course, ultimately I hope to run my own business and travel the world. Something along the lines of saving the world by influencing it in a good way. (laughs)

What are you up to besides Beauty Bound Asia?

I’ve been modelling for commercials recently. So what I’m hoping to do is to move towards real acting… I do have a passion for storytelling. There are lots of professional content and people who just love creating content and bringing their ideas together here in Singapore. I really hope to be part of that movement that, I believe, will one day make Singapore, y’know, more prominent in the media industry worldwide. In the future, I hope to delve into travel or fitness content too, and not only beauty.


Describe your current style.

I like something that looks very minimalist and effortless. At the same time, I like to keep it classy so I prefer clothing that are white. Other than that, I’m into shift dresses now! Because my shoulders are kinda narrow, so I like to don outerwear, especially the baggy kind that looks a little Korean or Japanese.

Like a sushi chef?

No, not like a sushi chef. But more like whatever I’m wearing in the photo.

Speaking of which, where did you get these outfits from?

I got it from Sans & Sans. A lot of the stylists I work with have been shopping there, where the shoots are more atas. Their colour palette comprises of mostly brown, blue and maroon tones. I also like Forever New. It’s very princess-y and I like their material. Overall, I believe strongly in spending money well, having a great store experience, getting good quality products and something that is comfortable.

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Let’s talk beauty. You mentioned you wanted to start your own beauty channel. So how’s that going for you?

Ah, yes! You can watch what I posted for Beauty Bound Asia. It kinda summarises my view on beauty and how charisma and character and being slightly imperfect really helps in making somebody beautiful.



What is your current go-to for current beauty brands?

Well, I’m big on mascara and not so much eyeliner now. I think mascara is faster and more effective to apply on? I’m also in love with Urban Decay’s Naked Palette 3. A lot of people shy away from it because they think it’s really pink and can be really tricky to apply on. But when you have really fair skin, it looks amazing. Because I’m fair, when I put too much browns on my face, it makes me look sunken and a little sick. So actually, the pink makes me look more a little more lively. I’m very into contouring too! I’m using something from MAC in this shoot; the lighter shade of their bronzer.

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How do you think higher education shaped your career choice?

I studied mass communication and specialised in film production in university. So, it gave me a general understanding of the film industry, how things are run; knowing the other side of what happens behind the camera really helps. I also have a passion for storytelling, like acting. I also believe that modeling is storytelling not in motion. Acting is also really great because you’re situated in the story world. You don’t have to worry about the organization and all, so I like that. It also trains my flexibility in creating my own content in the future, which is ultimately what I hope to do. It has always been a yearning in me to create my own content.

So, tell us about the web series project “My Snack Machine” you did for Savour.love.

It was fun! That was a real project which I am proud of being a part of. I mean, it’s not a commercial – it’s a story. It was also showcased on a platform that I really hope to be on, which is Youtube or the online medium in general. It was challenging but also a great fun! I got along well with the director and make up artist and my co-star!

What is the most fun or memorable job you’ve done?

“My Snack Machine” was pretty fun. A memorable one was a shoot I did for Lara ‘ J! People are usually more open to experimenting on blogshop shoots. It really trains your posing, and they are really flexible with how you express yourself creatively with your body.

So, what’s a shoot you’ve done that didn’t exactly have favourable conditions? 

Well, there was a shoot where basically lots of things went wrong. Things weren’t communicated because things were changing and decided on the spot, so the schedule went obsolete and everyone was so stressed out. Plus, the crew was so understaffed. So yeah, I don’t think anybody on set would wanna experience that all over again.

On a totally random note, if you were a Pokémon, what would you be?

Whaaaat (laughs). Pikachu! Because I’d want to electrify people. (pause) No wait, actually I’ve always wanted to be Chikorita when I was young. I always thought it was pretty with the leaf on the head.


Alright, what is a question you’d wanna ask the next interviewee?

Describe your fashion sense in one word!

Describe yourself in one word.

Dorothy. It’s totally an adjective. (laughs)


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