Ways to show affection through physical touch

A list of things you can do to love your partner through physical touch. Disclaimer: It has nothing to do with sex.

By Poppy Mocha

1. Brush a strand of hair out of her face and push it behind her ear.

2. Tilt her chin up before you kiss her.

3. Come up behind her and wrap your arms around her in a tight hug.

4. Hold her hand and squeeze.

5. Rest your hand on her thigh when you’re sitting beside her.

6. Play footsie with her beneath the dinner table.

7. Wrap around her when you’re cuddling.

8. Pull her close and dance with her, even without any music playing.

9. Lift her up when you hug her.

10. Caress her cheek as you kiss her on the lips.

11. Rest your hand on her hip as you walk.

12. Let her rest her head on your shoulders when you’re on the couch or in the movies.

13. Kiss her on the forehead.

14. Put your arm around her shoulders when you’re watching a movie.

15. Give her a high-five after she does something impressive.

16. Place your forehead against hers and stare into her eyes.

17. Run your thumb across her knuckles while holding her hand.

18. Lean across the table to feed her from your fork.

19. Link arms and walk around like an old fashioned couple.

20. Run your hands through her hair.

21. Tickle her.

22. Kiss her on the nose.

23. Give her a foot massage.

24. Hold her hand tightly when walking in crowded areas.

25. Drape your jacket over her shoulders when she’s cold.