Success Made Real With Nuts

Lady boss Robin - CEO and Co-founder of Made Real - tells us how she runs a successful start-up business.

By Hui Xin

We got up close and personal with lady boss Robin, CEO and co-founder of Made Real – a brand that focuses on healthy snacks with the overarching vision of promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle.

As undergraduates and entrepreneurs, Robin and Roslyn started Made Real for consumers to nibble guilt-free with customised healthy snacks. Depending on your nutritional needs, health aspirations and dietary preferences, the healthy lifestyle you have been working on can be a reality.

Made Real Team
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Subscription Box at $24.90 per pax
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What’s the story behind the nuts?
Well, it started out with a social campaign to raise awareness of eating disorders. Inspired by our own personal lives and experience of eating disorders and being insecure with our bodies, we wanted to fight for the cause. We realised that a destructive body-image was the root cause of our disordered eating habits. Our society is not sufficiently aware about the various forms of eating disorders and may not be able to support individuals who are recovering from such eating disorders.

Interesting name you have there, tell us more behind the name “Made Real”
The name really has several meanings to it. Firstly, it expresses the real problem and situation to the world, showing people that insecurity and self-consciousness about body image are real. So we want to offer real solutions and build a community of support for girls and guys who are suffering from these problems. That’s really how the name came about!

You look radiant af, can you attribute it to your diet?
Yeah its all about the diet, and not forgetting confidence. Confidence is key. If you put on a smile you will look better won’t you? Its all about having peace and love with yourself!

What is your number one go-to food?
Cold Storage’s $5 salad, period.

What is your fitness routine like?
It is a rule that in my team we work out 4 times a week – Boxing, yoga, martial arts, a whole variety.

Isn’t it kind of… painful?
Not really, we get to release in form of workout. Besides, its important to practice what we preach.

So how do you define yourselves?
MadeReal is an extension of Roslyn and myself. Our team hopes to inspire and shape the nutrition and fitness industry for the future. We hope to change the way of people getting healthy by offering real products and real solutions for a healthier, better, and happier you.

We’d like to hear about your start up story!
Starting a startup has been an exploratory journey in knowing more about myself and the people I work with. I had to push myself outside of my comfort zone, and many times, I doubted myself because of my lack of confidence. Sometimes, we would find ourselves stagnant with no clear direction. However, through this, you learn about yourself and find out who you really want to be.

Above all, being an entrepreneur has taught me the power of self-belief. As a team, we have gained confidence, and it is something we learnt from experience. A valuable lesson that I learnt while running my startup is to believe in yourself and your team. You need to have conviction and assurance in yourself and believe that you can make the best decision for your company.

What can we expect from Made Real in the future?
I like to think we haven’t reached our peak yet *laughs*. We’ve been working hard in the background. We’re going towards a more tech-savvy and interactive direction, whereby an “intelligent” machine can track and analyse a customer’s health profile and food preferences, and make product recommendations that optimise their diets and lifestyles. It will also be personalised for every individual.

We can’t wait for it! Lastly, is there anything you’d like to leave our readers with?
You only fail if you give up.