I’m ready to be a better human being when 2017 arrives

Sometime next year I'll be a changed person.

By Hui Xin

Here we go again. Its the time of the year again to make new year resolutions that involves us giving up on them as soon as the year starts. I for one, is determined to make my life better in 2017. And its not that hard really, all it takes is determination, willpower, and reminders of the bad times in 2016 that will empower you.

1. Being less of a pessimist

And more of an optimist. While I’ve always had the belief that things will work out just fine, its because I’ve already gone through similar past experiences. I still believe in things like soul mates, happy endings all that optimistic stuff. But seriously, being a pessimist most of the time has taken a toll on me. Its tiring and it doesn’t do any good to your mental health and relationships with people.

Though people like us are right most of the times, what do we gain from it right? I want to be able to find a dollar on the floor and think, “Oh a dollar, this day is getting better already!”, instead of, “Oh a dollar, whatevs, it doesn’t even buy me a burger”.

2. Being simple and grateful

Its easy to take what we have for granted. Too often we find ourselves discontented with our lives, constantly complaining about what we lack instead of being grateful for what we already have. We forget that we have been granted the gift of life, and it’s our choice to enjoy it both individually and collectively to its fullest. 2017, I choose to be simple and grateful — and I have a good feeling that I’ll be so much happier as a person.

3. Taking control of my own life

If you are anything like me, you are empathetic, considerate, and always trying to preserve the good in people even in the worst of people… Well, it needs to stop.

It’s one thing to have a moral obligation to help people and show concern to people when you don’t understand what they may be going through, but it’s a whole other story to try to give your love to people who don’t even love themselves. You will not be in control of your life that way, because someone else will control it for you.

I have been in a position where I have been insecure, and I really needed somebody. I know what it feels like to put my happiness in someone else’s hands, so when someone needs me, I drop everything and give my time and energy not knowing that its going to return to me void. But the good news is, there’s still plenty of will inside of me to take control of my life and it can start in 2017.

4. Achieving actual goals

There’s so much that we wish to achieve in life and it’ll only start if we actually do something about it. Spend time working toward your passion more than anything else; work hard for what you want. Prioritise your ambitions and get it crystal clear which of them are worth investing you time and passion in. You’ll start to see your dreams fulfilled one by one. And happiness will follow.

Let 2017 be the year you stop telling yourself you can’t do it.