cosy mornings ft. Rachel Lum

Our feature friday is up. Get to know Rachel — a mixologist at Vatos with a flair for style.

By Vanessa

foxesden is on the quest to identify what is it that essentially drives a woman’s style. Our weekly feature of the Singaporean woman is our attempt at cumulating a collective story behind every trend and fad, a story that is timeless and identifiable. 


13320400_884271708368812_6388123112621088802_oRachel. 23. Mixologist at Vatos Urban Tacos.

It was a lazy Sunday morning — the sky dotted with magnolia milkwhite clouds, the occasional bustle of horns trailed on the main street outside the house.

But the outside was far away. 

We shot Rachel (as pictured) in our photoset cosy mornings. 

After which we sat down with her and asked her a few questions.

So, who is Rachel?

Rachel is bartender at Vatos, which is at South Beach near the Esplanade! (laughs) I make cocktails and drinks there. 

Outside of Vatos, what takes up most of your time?

Outside of Vatos I’m usually at home or at my boyfriend’s and I sleep all day. (embarrassed laugh)

What have you been up to this summer?

If I had time, I would go overseas for a short getaway because I’m always at work.. Actually I’m going for a 2-week holiday to Japan later this year, I can’t wait!

What’s your go-to look this season?

My favourite look right now would be baggy clothing, like really comfortable ones that you can sleep in. For going out, I’d wear oversized tops with shorts underneath, pairing it with boots and sneakers!


What are your recent buys and where did you get them from?

Recently I went to Hong Kong so my wardrobe is full of clothing from there! Boots, caps, baggy shirts and so on. I’m really into their style now. 

What’s the factor you take most into consideration when you buy clothes?

Material…? I like cotton. Most of my clothes are in cotton and light colors. Mostly white.

So, you have a color scheme you stick to when you buy clothes?

Now that I think about it, I actually like plain solid colors, especially those in a single color tone. (chuckles) Favorites would be light colors like maybe white light grey, or maybe even pink.



What are your favorite places to shop at?

Not so much retail stores but I do enjoy online shopping. I tend to hop around a lot, especially blogshops. (laughs) Like when I come across one that catches my attention on Instagram or Facebook. Currently I’m really liking Young Hungry Free!

So, in less than 5 words, describe your wardrobe!

Quite the mixture!

What is a question you’d like us to ask the next interviewee?

Maybe you can ask the next interviewee where they get inspiration for their dressing up style!

13323624_884271795035470_7704276626813495779_o  “I would say I’d wear this one out to clubbing!”


13392278_884271621702154_8832748909788720034_oI’d wear these two outfits as cosy wear, maybe for, like, chilling at a friend’s house.

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