Behind The Scenes with: Estelle Shing

We go behind the scenes with Estelle and Hosin!

By Rachel Tan

Estelle is decked out in Adidas, VFILES, and Gosha Rubchinskiy, and a Konica camera is slung comfortably around her neck like an intentional accessory. She moves with purpose and concentration, and takes pictures with easy confidence. Her flair for film photography and eye for detail are undeniable.

She graciously brings us along on her shoot with Hosin, and here is what we captured behind the scenes.



The drizzle gives way to a heavier downpour and we – Estelle, Hosin, the Foxesden team – pause the shoot to take shelter in front of a cosy shophouse. She tells us about her penchant for portraits and people photography, or objects that symbolize a person’s presence. It lends deeper meaning and thought to a picture. She recounts, “I saw a bag left outside a club that said ‘getting turnt is my cardio‘. Someone definitely left it there deliberately. It was so cool.”



Her photos taken at Cherry Discotheque Singapore retain that raw, unfiltered quality that’s revelatory of a story untold.


Lingering feelings and lipstick ? #35mm #filmisnotdead

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Estelle has been both behind and in front of the camera. Featured on Highsnobiety and Brystein, she is curiously enigmatic and has impeccable dress sense.



The shoot is spontaneous – Estelle surveys the surroundings and location quickly, and Hosin channels versatile energy, taking cues from Estelle. It unfolds in exquisite fashion and we wrap up pretty quickly.


You can find Estelle on instagram here