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The 25 August was a big day for Fitbit fans: not only Fitbit revealed the new Fitbit Versa 3 with better sensors and more functionality compared to the Versa 2 (despite the RRP being the same for both) but we also learned about the brand-new Fitbit Sense “health smartwatch” and the Fitbit Inspire 2 fitness tracker too. Here is where to buy the new Fitbit Versa 3, how much it cost and when will it be available.

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Also introduced to the world was the new Fitbit Inspire 2, an affordable lifestyle fitness tracker sporting a brighter screen than its predecessor as well as a 10-day battery life. Probably the most accessible fitness tracker from fitbit, the Inspire 2 adds the Active Zone Minutes features, previously seen in the also recently released Fitbit Charge 4.

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Fitbit Versa 3: release date and price

Fitbit Versa 3 – as well as the Fitbit Sense and Fitbit Inspire 2 – is available today for pre-order at Fitbit and online at select retailers, including Amazon, Currys PC World, Argos and, with broad worldwide availability starting in late September. The Fitbit Versa 3 starts shipping on 25 September 2020.

Fitbit Versa 3 is available for £199.99 / $229.95 / €229.95 / AU$399.95 in black/black aluminium, pink clay/soft gold aluminium and midnight/soft gold aluminium.

Fitbit Versa 3: new and improved features

The new Fitbit Versa 3 comes with built-in GPS chip, in-app workout intensity map, PurePulse 2.0 optical heart rate sensor technology and the Active Zone Minutes feature to monitor your fitness activities, even when you”re not actively logging workouts. The Fitbit Versa 3 also makes your wrist smarter and has a built-in speaker and microphone to take quick phone calls, send calls to voicemail and adjust call volume – all from the wrist.

Fitbit Sense vs Fitbit Versa 3: what’s the difference between Fitbit’s fresh smartwatches?

Much like in the case of the Fitbit Sense, you can choose between smart assistants: pick either Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant to set reminders, check the weather, add hand sanitiser to your shopping list *cough*, control your smart home devices and more just by talking to your wrist.

The Versa 3 comes equipped with Fitbit Pay and you can get access to thousands of apps and clock faces to personalise the smartwatch via the Fitbit App. There is even an option to store music on the Versa 3 from Deezer but not from spotify, unfortunately. However, you can control Spotify from the Versa 3.

The updated user interface takes cue from the Fitbit Sense and includes “softer lines, increased comfort, greater responsiveness, and faster, more effortless interactions”, as Fitbit puts it. All Fitbit Versa 3 features are also available on Fitbit Sense. Wechat web download windows 8.

For the first time, both Fitbit Versa 3 and Fitbit Sense will utilise the same magnetic charge: no longer do we need to fiddle around with the clip charger cradle! Civ 6 victoria. Better still, the Fitbit Versa 3 uses a quick charge feature and a 12-minute quick charge provides enough juice to power the Versa 3 for “one full day of use”, according to Fitbit.

More information about Fitbit Versa 3 can be found here.

Fitbit Inspire 2: lifestyle meets fitness

The Fitbit Charge 4 might be Fitbit”s best fitness tracker but this doesn”t mean you shouldn”t pay attention to the Inspire 2. Aimed at more casual users, the Inspire 2 makes it easier to log and monitor activities, even if you are not tracking them as workouts, thanks to the Active Zone Minutes feature.

The Fitbit Inspire 2 fitness tracker can help build healthier habits with features like goal-based exercise modes (over 20 of these included on the device), advanced sleep tools, 24/7 heart rate tracking, menstrual health tracking, food and hydration intake monitoring, along with your weight, plus daily encouragement right on your wrist.

All that said, probably the best thing about the Fitbit Inspire 2 is that it comes with a one-year free trial of Fitbit Premium, included in the price. So, not only the Fitbit Inspire 2 is way cheaper than the Charge 4, it also includes a service that would otherwise cost you as much as the tracker itself. Did we mention the Inspire 2 also has an up to 10 days battery life, the longest fitbit has to offer? All this for £89.99 / $99.95 / €99.95 / AU$179.95. Pretty good.

Additional information about Fitbit Inspire 2 can be found here.

Today”s best Fitbit deals

Spotify is a Swedish music, podcast, and video streaming service that provides digital rights management–protected content from record labels and media companies. It is available in most of Europe, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, and limited Asian countries.

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    I”m having a bad time adapting to @Spotify “s new UX. It added extra clicks to many features I enjoyed, and made it more difficult to explore an artist”s catalog. Either I”m getting old, or this update will be a problem for most people

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    i hate using the internet in korea everythings blocked i need to use a vpn to login to spotify and everythings age restricted i cant even watch boxing or mma on youtube also every purchase and lots of video games require age verification with your phone and ID i hate it so much

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    @awilkinson Spotify is so broken. Switch to Tidal @awilkinson

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    [email protected] Assistant designed to be too stupid to automatically search Spotify. Google wants me to link my account first. It *will* search Spotify if I issue a voice command to do so (and doesn”t voice-verify so..not some weird permissions thing).

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    @4lackofaName @Spotify @SpotifyCares I”m having the same issue, did Spotify resolve this for you? So infuriating that I can”t delete my Facebook account linked to it as I”ve worked so hard on my playlists 🙁

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    @monasenvy This is the reason I bought an MP3 player lmao, a lot of areas down in south texas can get real bad in connection to where Spotify couldnt connect consistently lol

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    @CardanoLive @RichardMcCrackn @Spotify I think the copyright issue could be solved by the time. Thanks to policy ID”s we can verify identity of the creator. NFT artwork from verified identities of real Art studios should have much bigger value.. Also art studios should be able to create better quality content.

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    @shankrish05 They have the whole soundtrack on spotify, or any streaming service! just search the name of the show

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Spotify Most Common Errors

Spotify currys sign inList of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:

Spotify Currys Premium

  • 101
  • 117
  • 126
  • 14
  • 17
  • 18
  • 2
  • 3
  • 403
  • 404
  • 404
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  • 509
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Ragtime 1998

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1998 CD release of “Ragtime: The Musical (Original Broadway Cast Recording)” on Discogs. The Adventures of Ragtime (1998) 1h 36min Comedy, Family Ragtime is a miniature pet horse and the kids love him. But villains Sam and Lester think Ragtime can be their meal ticket. Artist: Ragtime (1998) The following channels include songs by Ragtime (1998) 1990s Broadway The decade Disney came to Broadway. Opening Date Apr 14, 1998. Closing Date Mar 28, 1999. MusicalDramaOriginalNational Tour. Apr 14, 1998 – Aug 09, 1998. National Theatre. IBDB (Internet Broadway Database) archive is the official database for Broadway theatre information. IBDB provides records of productions from the.

  1. Ragtime 1998
  2. Ragtime Cast 1998

Ragtime musical review 1998Ragtime 1998 broadway

52nd Tony Awards
Date June 7, 1998
Location Radio City Music Hall, New York City
Hosted by Rosie O”Donnell
Television/radio coverage
Network CBS
  • ← 51st
  • 53rd →

The 52nd Annual Tony Awards ceremony was held on June 7, 1998, at Radio City Music Hall and was broadcast by CBS television. A documentaries segment was telecast on PBS television. The ceremony was hosted by Rosie O”Donnell, who hosted a total of three times (1997, 1998, and 2000).

This ceremony is notable for its Best Direction of a Play and Best Direction of a Musical winners both being female, the first time a female has won either award.[citation needed] The writer of the Best Play winner was also female, the second female winner of the award.[citation needed]

The Lion King” Controllo cpu temp. s win made it the first franchise to complete EGOT status, having won six awards including Best Musical. Its closest rivals were the very successful revival of Cabaret, and the top-nominated (having earned 13 nominations) show Ragtime.

The ceremony[edit]

The opening number was “Broadway Divas”, with Rosie O”Donnell and the Chicago dancers introducing: Patti LuPone (“Don”t Cry for Me Argentina” from Evita); Jennifer Holliday (“And I Am Telling You I”m Not Going” from Dreamgirls); and Betty Buckley (“Memory” from Cats).

Musicals represented:

  • Ragtime (“Ragtime” – Marin Mazzie, Audra McDonald and Company)
  • The Sound of Music (“Wedding”/”Do-Re-Mi”/”The Sound of Music” Finale – Rebecca Luker and Company)
  • 1776 (“Sit Down, John” – Richard Poe and Company)
  • The Lion King (“Circle of Life” – Tsidii Le Loka and Company)
  • Cabaret (“Willkommen” – Alan Cumming and Company)
  • Side Show (“I Will Never Leave You” – Alice Ripley and Emily Skinner)
  • The Scarlet Pimpernel (“Into the Fire” – Douglas Sills and Company)

Ragtime 1998

Winners and nominees[edit]

Winners are in bold

Best Play Best Musical
  • Art – Yasmina Reza
    • Freak – John Leguizamo
    • Golden Child –David Henry Hwang
    • The Beauty Queen of Leenane – Martin McDonagh
  • The Lion King
Best Revival of a Play Best Revival of a Musical
  • A View from the Bridge
  • Cabaret
Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Play Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Play
  • Anthony LaPaglia – A View from the Bridge as Eddie
    • Richard Briers – The Chairs as Old Man
    • John Leguizamo – Freak as Himself
    • Alfred Molina – Art as Yvan
  • Marie Mullen – The Beauty Queen of Leenane as Maureen Folan
    • Jane Alexander – Honour as Honor
    • Allison Janney – A View from the Bridge as Beatrice Carbone
    • Geraldine McEwan – The Chairs as Old Woman
Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical
  • Alan Cumming – Cabaret as The Master of Ceremonies
    • Peter Friedman – Ragtime as Tateh
    • Brian Stokes Mitchell – Ragtime as Coalhouse Walker, Jr.
    • Douglas Sills – The Scarlet Pimpernel as Percy Blakeney
  • Natasha Richardson – Cabaret as Sally Bowles
    • Betty Buckley – Triumph of Love as Hesione
    • Marin Mazzie – Ragtime as Mother
    • Alice Ripley and Emily Skinner – Side Show as Violet and Daisy Hilton
Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Play Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Play
  • Tom Murphy – The Beauty Queen of Leenane as Ray Dooley
    • Brían F. O”Byrne – The Beauty Queen of Leenane as Pato Dooley
    • Sam Trammell – Ah, Wilderness! as Richard Miller
    • Max Wright – Ivanov as Pavel Lebedev
  • Anna Manahan – The Beauty Queen of Leenane as Mag Folan
    • Enid Graham – Honour as Sophie
    • Linda Lavin – The Diary of Anne Frank as Mrs. Van Daan
    • Julyana Soelistyo – Golden Child as Eng Ahn
Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Musical Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Musical
  • Ron Rifkin – Cabaret as Herr Schultz
    • Gregg Edelman – 1776 as Edward Rutledge
    • John McMartin – High Society as Uncle Willie
    • Samuel E. Wright – The Lion King as Mufasa
  • Audra McDonald – Ragtime as Sarah
    • Anna Kendrick – High Society as Dinah Lord
    • Tsidii Le Loka – The Lion King as Rafiki
    • Mary Louise Wilson – Cabaret as Fraulein Schneider
Best Book of a Musical Best Original Score (Music and/or Lyrics) Written for the Theatre
  • Terrence McNally – Ragtime
    • Bill Russell – Side Show
    • Roger Allers and Irene Mecchi – The Lion King
    • Nan Knighton – The Scarlet Pimpernel
  • Ragtime – Stephen Flaherty (music) and Lynn Ahrens (lyrics)
    • Side Show – Henry Krieger (music) and Bill Russell (lyrics)
    • The Capeman – Paul Simon (music) and Derek Walcott (lyrics)
    • The Lion King – Elton John, Tim Rice, Lebo M, Mark Mancina, Jay Rifkin, Julie Taymor and Hans Zimmer (music and lyrics)
Best Scenic Design Best Costume Design
  • Richard Hudson – The Lion King
    • Bob Crowley – The Capeman
    • Eugene Lee – Ragtime
    • Quay Brothers – The Chairs
  • Julie Taymor – The Lion King
    • William Ivey Long – Cabaret
    • Santo Loquasto – Ragtime
    • Martin Pakledinaz – Golden Child
Best Lighting Design Best Orchestrations
  • Donald Holder – The Lion King
    • Paul Anderson – The Chairs
    • Peggy Eisenhauer and Mike Baldassari – Cabaret
    • Jules Fisher and Peggy Eisenhauer – Ragtime
  • William David Brohn – Ragtime
    • Robert Elhai, David Metzger and Bruce Fowler – The Lion King
    • Michael Gibson – Cabaret
    • Stanley Silverman – The Capeman
Best Direction of a Play Best Direction of a Musical
  • Garry Hynes – The Beauty Queen of Leenane
    • Michael Mayer – A View from the Bridge
    • Simon McBurney – The Chairs
    • Matthew Warchus – Art
  • Julie Taymor – The Lion King
    • Scott Ellis – 1776
    • Frank Galati – Ragtime
    • Sam Mendes with Rob Marshall – Cabaret
Best Choreography
  • Garth Fagan – The Lion King
    • Graciela Daniele – Ragtime
    • Forever Tango Dancers – Forever Tango
    • Rob Marshall – Cabaret

Special awards[edit]

  • Regional Theater Tony Award
  • Lifetime Achievement in the Theatre
    • Ben Edwards
    • Edward E. Colton
  • Tony Honor Winner
    • The International Theatre Institute of the United States

Ragtime Cast 1998

Multiple nominations and awards[edit]

These productions had multiple nominations:

  • 13 nominations:Ragtime
  • 11 nominations:The Lion King
  • 10 nominations:Cabaret
  • 6 nominations:The Beauty Queen of Leenane and The Chairs
  • 4 nominations:Side Show and A View from the Bridge
  • 3 nominations:Art, The Capeman, Golden Child, The Scarlet Pimpernel and 1776
  • 2 nominations:Ah, Wilderness!, The Diary of Anne Frank, Freak, High Society and Honour

The following productions received multiple awards.

  • 6 wins:The Lion King
  • 4 wins:The Beauty Queen of Leenane, Cabaret and Ragtime
  • 2 wins:A View from the Bridge


  • “Year by Year – 1998”. Retrieved 13 August 2017.

External links[edit]

  • Tony Awards Official website
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Columbia River Bar Forecast

Station operated in cooperation with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the National Weather Service. NOTE: River forecasts and additional data can be obtained at the National Weather Service”s Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Services web page. This gage replaced VANW1 as the river forecast location for the Columbia River at Vancouver. Real-time and archived data from Nat”l Ocean Service Archived/Historical Data at USACE DataQuery for VANW1 old gauge 10-day Forecast/Trend, Northwest River Forecast Center. Synopsis: High pressure offshore with thermally induced trough over far sw Oregon into nw California will gradually dissipate through Wednesday.A front will follow later Wednesday night and bring gusty winds. Another front will likely follow later Thursday night. High pressure will rebuild over the offshore waters late Friday into Saturday.

Just give me NOAA, please.. or buoy links and tide tables

Here is the Oregon Coastal Waters Forecasts from the Nat. Weather Service displayed below (if your browser supports iFrames). Stray dog second life. If you don”t see the report below, here”s the link: Oregon report

Pacific Northwest Buoys

Moored buoys (ranging from 5-60 NM from shore) give data updated hourly on wind speed and direction, wave height, wave period, water and air temperatures, and more. C-MAN land stations are good for wind and tempature info. Checking buoys farther out to sea can give an indication of what is coming our way. Click here for the WA, OR and northern CA buoy map, or use these quick links to Oregon”s buoys:

  • Columbia River Bar, West of the Mouth (station 46029, moored)
  • Tillamook (station 46089, moored)
  • Stonewall Banks (20NM W of Newport) (46050, moored)
  • Newport, Stonewall Bank (46050, moored)
  • Cape Arago (CAR03, C-MAN)
  • Port Orford (station 46015, moored)
  • Crecent City, CA (station 46027, moored)

Tide Predictions

Garmin express 6. Go here for a basic tide table, or here for tide prediction graphs for the next few days on the Oregon coast. You should also get yourself one of the little printed tide books found at surf shops and other stores on the coast. They are super convenient to pack in your surf bag and/or glove box of your car.

Filezilla download 64 bit windows 10. Sea Surface Temperatures

If you have the luxury of choosing between wetsuits, checking the surface temps might help you decide which one to pack to the beach on any given day. Sea surface temps can easliy swing 5° or more daily depending on the prevailing winds and currents (which cause upwelling), and up to 15° during an El Niño year. The moored buoys also report water temperature (see links above).

    Page Links

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Marine Weather and Tides
Astoria, OR

Version 3.4

1/26/2021 — The West Coast Satellite images havd been updated. They now use GEOS-17.
1/1/2021 — The 7 day forecast are now working well. Thank you NOAA for your support.
Sunrise 5:42AM Sunset 8:33PM Monday May 10, 2021 11:17 AM PDT (18:17 UTC) Moonrise 4:36AM Moonset 6:42PM Illumination 1%

NOTE: Some of the data on this page has not been verified and should be used with that in mind. It may and occasionally will, be wrong. The tide reports are by xtide and are NOT FOR NAVIGATION.

PZZ210 Columbia River Bar- 251 Am Pdt Mon May 10 2021
In the main channel. – general seas..4 to 5 ft through Tuesday. – first ebb..around 445 am Monday, with seas near 8 ft. – second ebb..around 500 pm Monday, with seas near 7 ft. – third ebb..strong ebb around 515 am Tuesday, with seas near 7 ft.
PZZ200 251 Am Pdt Mon May 10 2021
Synopsis for the southern washington and northern oregon coast. High pressure will remain offshore through at least Friday. Meanwhile, a surface thermal trough will remain over the far south or coast into northwest ca. This will maintain typical late spring north winds over the coastal waters, strongest during the afternoon and evening hours each day.
7 Day Forecast for Marine Location Near Astoria, OR


location: 46.19, -123.85debug

Area Discussion for – Portland, OR

(on/off)HelpNOTE: mouseover dotted underlined text for definition
Area Forecast Discussion . UPDATED National Weather Service Portland OR 1046 AM PDT Mon May 10 2021
Updated aviation section
SYNOPSIS. Upper level high pressure will result in another multi- day stretch of dry weather and above average temperatures this upcoming week. The next chances for rain hold off until the weekend and do not really start to climb until late next Sunday/Monday.
SHORT TERM. Today through Wednesday . Quick forecast package update made this morning to account for a few things. First was to increase winds for many areas, especially the south Willamette Valley. Northerly winds are already around 15 mph there as thermal low pressure is well established across northern California and is drawing air from higher pressure across our area. Expect to see a minimal increase in these winds this afternoon, but still higher than what we had. Second and third, updated skies and temperatures to account for these northerly winds. The morning marine stratus expanded a bit more than previously forecast leaving most of the the I-5 corridor under clouds at this hour. Additionally, northerly flow has a tendency to pack the marine moisture into the the southern Valley resulting in a later burn off time. With the expanded clouds and packing effects, lowered temperatures a few degrees across the board with the greatest change taking the south Valley back closer to
the mid 60s. Updated grids and text should already be available. /JBonk
Previous discussion from 317 AM follows: Shortwave ridging over the eastern Pacific will gradually shift across the Pacific Northwest over the next 48 hours. This will result in the next several days remaining dry with with temperatures warming through midweek. Northwesterly flow will keep temperatures cool along the coast, but inland locations should warm 3-5F each day through Wednesday. Satellite imagery this morning reveals marine clouds along the coast with a few patches along the foothills of the Cascades. Expect these clouds to gradually dissipate today. Marine cloud coverage each morning should be primarily limited to the coast and lower Columbia River valleys, but even then marine clouds appear likely to be particularly sparse Tuesday morning. /Neuman
Columbia River Bar Forecast LONG TERM. Wednesday night through Monday . Models and their ensembles are in general agreement shortwave ridging will flatten midweek and transition to a weak shortwave trough sliding eastward across the Pacific Northwest Friday into Saturday. This should result in temperatures cooling across northwest Oregon and southwest Washington late in the week into next weekend. However, not all model guidance is on board with this idea as a cutoff low pressure may instead form to our south and subsequently result in a narrow shortwave ridging building back across the region. These somewhat subtle differences in the upper level pattern produce a wide range of possibilities temperature wise across the region next weekend. For example, the NBM”s IQR (i.e. 50% of the time temperatures should fall outside of the range provided) for the Portland Airport ranges from 64F-74F Saturday and 65F-78F Sunday.
There are some GEFS and EPS ensemble members that produce light QPF as early as Saturday into Sunday as a dying front slides into the region. A higher proportion of the GEFS and EPS ensemble members produce measurable rain next Sunday night/Monday with a more robust shortwave trough sliding into the region. Nonetheless, there are still plenty of ensemble members that keep the area mainly dry. NBM guidance seems to capture the uncertainty tied to rain chances well so few deviations from it were made for the extended forecast. This does leave the chances of measurable rain rising into the 20-35% range by next Monday across the area. However, the odds of a more substantial rain is considerably lower and falls closer ~15% for a tenth of an inch and less than ~5% for a quarter of an inch of rain for most locations next Monday per NBM guidance. /Neuman
AVIATION. High pressure aloft continues to build into the region. At the surface, onshore flow brought stratus to much of the coast and inland areas with cigs generally in the 015-030 range. Satellite trends show stratus gradually dissipating. Current guidance and local study based on cloud layer thickness indicates most areas breaking out 18-20Z. The KAST area may take an hour or two longer to break out. Will likely see MVFR cig return to the coast tonight and up the lower Columbia to KPDX, with stratus more patchy in nature for the remainder of the Willamette Valley. Surface trough along the south Oregon coast enhancing northerly winds with gusts to 25 kt possible along the central Oregon coast and gust 20 kt in the south Willamette Valley this afternoon into early evening.
For detailed regional Pac NW aviation weather information, go online to:
KPDX AND APPROACHES . Expect to see VFR 18-19Z as 022 cigs dissipate. Expect northwest wind around 8-11 kt this afternoon and evening.
MARINE. High pressure will be the dominant feature over the coastal waters through at least Friday. At the same time, a surface thermal trough will extend from northwest CA north along the south OR coast. The persistent north-south oriented pressure gradient will result in a prolonged period of northerly winds over the coastal waters, which will be strongest during the afternoon and evening hours. Seas will be 6 to 8 ft and will result in some choppy conditions as wind wave action peaks during the afternoon through the evening. Overall, expect 20-25 kt winds over the central waters and 15-20 kt winds over the northern waters each day this week. There will likely be periods of time during the overnight hours in which the winds in zones PZZ270 and PZZ250 will fall below criteria. However, these times will be only for a few hours, therefore to reduce possible confusion will maintain the Small Craft Advisory through these times. /42Columbia bar tides
PQR WATCHES/WARNINGS/ADVISORIES. OR . None. WA . None. PZ . Small Craft Advisory from 2 PM this afternoon to 5 PM PDT Tuesday for coastal waters from Cape Shoalwater WA to Cascade Head OR out 60 NM.
Small Craft Advisory until 5 PM PDT Tuesday for coastal waters from Cascade Head OR to Florence OR out 60 NM.
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Weather Reporting Stations


Noaa Marine Forecast Newport Oregon

NOTE: Click on distance to see the station location on a map

Stations Dist Age Wind Air Temp Water Temp Waves Pressure DewPt
ASTO3 – 9439040 – Astoria, OR 5 mi 78 min N 4.1 G 6 51°F 58°F 1026.1 hPa (+0.0)
46029 – COL RIVER BAR – 20NM West of Columbia River Mouth 34 mi 58 min NNW 9.7 G 14
TOKW1 – 9440910 – Toke Point, WA 36 mi 78 min NNE 6 G 8 51°F 56°F 1026.5 hPa (+0.4)
46248 – Astoria Canyon, OR (179) 42 mi 52 min 54°F 6 ft
TLBO3 – 9437540 – Garibaldi, Tillamook Bay, OR 44 mi 78 min 1025.9 hPa (+0.0)
LOPW1 – 9440422 – Longview, WA 48 mi 78 min 55°F 1025.5 hPa (+0.0)

Wind History for Astoria, OR

(wind in knots) EDIT(on/off)Help

NW8 NW10 NW7
N6 E1 NW1 N8 N4 N3 N4 N4
1 day
SW5 W2 NW3 S8
SW3 SE4 SE3 S4
S4 SW4 S2 SW3 SE2 SE4 W2 NW1 SW1
2 days
NW10 NW7
NW6 S2 N3
NE1 SE3 NE4 SE2 SE1 E1
Airport Reports

EDIT(on/off)Help Click EDIT to display multiple airports. Follow links for more data.

Airport Dist Age Wind kt Visibility Sky/Weather Temp DewPt Humidity Pressure
Astoria, Astoria Regional Airport, OR 3 mi 23 min NNW 7 10.00 mi Overcast 53°F 46°F 77% 1026.1 hPa


Columbia River Bar Forecast

Link to 5 minute data for KAST
Wind History from AST (wind in knots)

Marine Forecast Southern Oregon Coast

Last 24hr W7 NW5 N8 NW8 NW9 NW10 NW12 NW9 NW11 NW8 NW9 N7 NW6 N7 NW9 NW9 N10 NW4 N7 NW7 NW6 N5 NW4 NW7
1 day ago SW9 SW8 SW10 S8 S6 SW11 SW11
SW8 SW3 S3 Calm SW3 S3 S3 Calm Calm S3 S3 Calm Calm Calm W4 SW3 Calm
2 days ago W12
W12 W12
W10 W10 NW10 W9 W4 NW6 W4 Calm Calm Calm SE4 SE4 E3 SE3 E4 E3 E3 Calm SW5
Tide / Current Tables for Astoria (Youngs Bay), Columbia River, Oregon

EDITWeekend mode (on/off)(on/off)HelpOne Week of Data

Astoria (Youngs Bay)
Click for Map
Mon — 12:56 AM PDT 8.69 feet High Tide
Mon — 05:35 AM PDT Moonrise
Mon — 05:48 AM PDT Sunrise
Mon — 07:39 AM PDT -0.04 feet Low Tide
Mon — 01:45 PM PDT 7.29 feet High Tide
Mon — 07:27 PM PDT 1.99 feet Low Tide
Mon — 07:42 PM PDT Moonset
Mon — 08:35 PM PDT Sunset
Tide / Current data from XTide NOT FOR NAVIGATION

8.2 8.7 8.1 6.7 4.9 3 1.3 0.2 0 0.8 2.4 4.2 5.9 7 7.3 6.6 5.4 4 2.8 2.1 2.1 3.1 4.6 6.4
Tide / Current Tables for Chinook, Baker Bay, Washington

EDIT(on/off)HelpOne Week of Data

Weather Map

(on/off)HelpWeather Map
GEOS Local Image of PacificNorthwestEDIT
NOTE: This section has been updated as of 1/26/2021. If the image you are expecting is not showing, please let me know. You may use the EDIT function to update your location.
Link to Loop
Other links:GEOS-WestContential USFull GOES-East

Ground Weather Radar Station

ColumbiaPlease read website Cookie, Privacy, and Disclamers by clicking HERE.

Pc Power Supply Temperature Monitor

  1. Pc Power Supply Backup
  2. Pc Power Supply Philippines
  3. Pc Power Supply Temperature Monitor Download
  4. Pc Power Supply Amazon
  5. Pc Power Supply Temperature Monitor Adapter

To answer the OP more literally, yes there is software that can monitor the power consumption of a computer. But, as you’ve probably gathered from the other replies, the extent of which can be measured may be limited by hardware, software, or requ. The fan on the power supply runs at 24V and it doesn’t look like there is any speed regulation built into the supply so we decided to use this 24V supply to power the Arduino and the fan. As Arduino Minis run at 5V a 7805 regulator was used to drop the voltage. Download HWMonitor. Speedfan has been around a long time and is widely considered to be one of the best tools around to monitor just about every temperature, fan speed and voltage your system can provide and also control the speed of the fans if they run too slow or too fast and therefore noisy. Voltage Monitoring Circuit (Power Supply 2.5V) Each UCD90xxx device supports up to a given number of rails. Every rail must contain at least one of the following: voltage measurement, current measurement, temperature measurement, a power-supplyenable and a margining output. Mar 24, 2021 SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) is a hardware monitoring tool that can identify performance issues throughout a network. The tool can monitor CPU, memory, physical disk space, fan speed, and power supply.

As we all know, anything that runs on electricity generates an amount of heat to some degree, whether it’s your television, mobile phone or desktop PC. And in the case of a modern computer, several parts inside can get incredibly hot, even up to the boiling point of water! Generally speaking, the hotter an electrical component operates, the shorter its lifespan could potentially be because of the extra stress it has to endure.

Computers have always had devices inside them such as heat sinks and fans to try and cool the hardware components down as much as possible and stop any problems related to excessive heat occurring. Sometimes though the processor, graphics card, power supply or even a hard drive might be getting hotter than needed because of inefficient cooling, dust build up or simply a faulty fan somewhere. The CPU could run into problems such as shutting down the system unexpectedly if it gets too hot.

Pc Power Supply Temperature Monitor

Are you worried your computer might be running a little hotter than it should be, an overclocker trying to push the system to its limit, or just somebody who is curious to know how hot a certain hardware component is getting or if the cooling fans are running properly?

Most components inside a modern PC include some form of monitoring sensors that can tell you things like temperatures, power draw, fan speeds etc. One of the ways to find these values on most systems is in the BIOS. But obviously you’re not going to sit in there all day just to look at those values! An easier way is to use a Windows utility to get the information for you and then you can monitor things from the relative comfort of your desktop.

Here’s a selection of tools that can monitor your system hardware and give you information you might find helpful such as your CPU temperature, or cooler fan speeds, or even the output values of the power supply. Do note that this list is for hardware monitoring tools only, if you want a combined hardware information and monitoring program such as Speccy or HWInfo, then look at our other article which includes these tools.

1. HWMonitor

Made by CPUID who are also responsible for CPU-Z and PC Wizard, HWMonitor is a great tool for displaying the majority of your systems temperatures, fan speeds and voltages. There are no real options as such, apart from a function to save monitoring or SMBus data to a text file. 3 sets of values are displayed; the current values and the minimum / maximum values since the program was started.

What most people like about HWMonitor is the clear and easy to read layout of all the values in one window for you to quickly scan for what readings you’re looking for. It doesn’t do anything else like controlling fan speeds or setting warning alarms, but for a simple display of all the relevant values, HWMonitor is hard to beat. There is a setup installer or separate 32-bit / 64-bit portable versions available.

Download HWMonitor

2. Speedfan


Speedfan has been around a long time and is widely considered to be one of the best tools around to monitor just about every temperature, fan speed and voltage your system can provide and also control the speed of the fans if they run too slow or too fast and therefore noisy. Warnings can be set for the temperatures, there is S.M.A.R.T. information for the hard drives, and just about any value the program displays can be logged to a file. You can even set a trigger event of running a program or sending an email etc if a temperature reaches a certain value.

A graph is also available for any of the Temperature, fan speed or voltage readings you want to include. Speedfan does require a bit of setting up to get things configured to your liking, but there aren’t many other tools around with such control of fan speeds, alarms, logging etc. Sadly there is no portable version, but the installer contains no adware of any kind, so is well worth installing.

Pc Power Supply Backup

Pc Power Supply Temperature Monitor

Download Speedfan

3. Open Hardware Monitor

We said previously that HWMonitor was hard to beat at displaying all the needed values in an easy to read window, well Open Hardware Monitor is probably the one tool that beats it and has been our clear favorite monitoring tool for a few years. In addition to temperatures, fan speeds and voltages, this tool can also display detailed CPU / GPU frequencies and load, memory information, hard drive storage space and remaining life and data throughput of SSD’s.

Add to that an optional plot graph for all available temperature sensors, and a desktop gadget that can display any value from the main window by right clicking on it and selecting “Show in gadget”, and you can see why Open Hardware Monitor is such a great program. Each value can also be renamed or hidden and some readings have a Parameter option to to adjust things like the offset etc. Open Hardware Monitor is a portable program and to get all the available readings make sure to run the program as Administrator.

Download Open Hardware Monitor

4. Core Temp

As the name suggest, Core Temp focuses mainly on providing accurate information for the core temperature values which are those from inside the CPU itself as opposed to the metal casing. There is also offset correction options and a Overheat Protection option which can set up notifications or sleep / hibernate / shutdown the machine when a certain temperature is reached. Owners of the Logitech G15 keybaord have an option to enable Core Temp readings on their LCD display.

The program doesn’t support older processors like Pentium 4 or Athlon XP, but does have an interesting plugin feature where you can add in things like a sidebar gadget, graphs and also the option to get real time temperatures sent direct to your Android smartphone. Be careful if using the installer version as it contains InstallQ adware, or simply use the 32-bit / 64-bit portable version by clicking on “More Downloads”.

Download Core Temp Dropbox direct link.

5. Real Temp

Real Temp is similar to Core Temp in that it concentrates mainly on the core temperatures inside your Intel processor, not AMD. This is a different reading from the other single CPU temperature value found inside your BIOS. The “Distance to TJ Max” value could throttle or shut down the machine if it reaches zero, but the TJ Max value itself is actually unknown for most desktop processors, and therefore the options to edit this value are best left to experienced users.

A small benchmark can be performed using the XS Bench button and there are alarms that can be set for CPU and GPU temperatures. A reading for AMD or Nvidia cards can be turned on from the settings window as can temperatures in the system tray area. Real Temp is a portable only program.

Download Real Temp

6. Hardware Sensors Monitor

This program isn’t free and the full version is a rather pricey $34 if you want the extras of HDD S.M.A.R.T. and GPU monitoring or CPU throttling. The demo also only runs for 10 minutes at a time and has a 14 day limit, but Hardware Sensors Monitor can still be useful to quickly check the motherboard, hard drive, graphics card and CPU temperatures as well as fans speeds and voltages, complete with a couple of small graphs if you click on the arrow next to the section title.

There are options in the settings window to make corrections to the temperatures, and several alarms can also be configured, but probably isn’t worth troubling yourself with in the free versions 10 minute time limit. Only an installer version is available.

Download Hardware Sensors Monitor

Pc Power Supply Philippines


OCCT is not actually primarily a hardware monitoring program, but a system stress tester which is useful to run and see what temperatures your system reaches under maximum load. There is however, no need need to use that part of the program if you don’t want because one of the 2 main windows is a standard hardware monitor complete with graphs to display sensor information such as power / CPU voltages, both sets of CPU temperatures, various frequencies and also memory and CPU usage.

There are 3 different displays; graph, text or a mixture of both and extra values could be available in the settings which can be enabled or disabled. OCCT uses a built in version of HWMonitor to provide its values which can be changed to other 3rd party tools such as Aida64 or Core Temp. Portable or installer versions are available, but you can’t get rid of the awful color scheme!

Download OCCT

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Find Your Maximum CPU Temperature

Pc Power Supply Temperature Monitor Download

11 Tools to Find out Information About Your Computer’s Hardware2 Tools to Monitor Specific Processes and Trigger actions10 Stress Test Tools to Determine the Stability of Your Computer5 Free Tools To Monitor And Log Your Internet Traffic

Bob1 year ago

Are there any power supplies with heat sensors? I’m curious how fast that power supply fan needs to run. At 5 volts its totally inaudible. But what if its stressed?

Pc Power Supply Temperature MonitorReply

Some of the Corsair PSUs have monitoring for all sorts of things, I have an AX860i and can see fan speed, temperature, load, efficiency, etc.


Simon2 years ago

CPUiD HWWizard used to be the best tool by far in my opinion then they dumped it for some reason and now their charging users to support the bs their puttin out here


HWinfo does indeed trump all these.


Alex Edwards4 years ago

Also – MSI Afterburner good for graphs of GPU temps and stats for tuning


Good overview – Intel’s Exteme Tuning Utility very good too, with graphs etc –


Chris Weller4 years ago

Pc Power Supply Temperature Monitor

I want to install a program such as these, but I’m a bit confused about which of these might be “Gadgets” as opposed to programs or apps. I had “Gadgets” installed on my Windows 7 machine with all of this information and loved them, but was warned repeatedly not to install them again on my Windows 10 machine as they are unsafe.

Libreoffice latex formula

I want an always on floating on the desktop solution.


As the screenshots show, these are all tools that have their own window on the desktop.

Something like Open Hardware Monitor has the option of a gadget which you can manually switch on.


innn7 years ago

HWinfo kicks their ass.


your blog kicks ass, raymond!
~rob 🙂


Th1eF`13 years ago

Pc Power Supply Amazon

Nice tool Raymond!


Pc Power Supply Temperature Monitor Adapter

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FileZilla Server for Windows XP is one of the best FTP servers on the modern software market. This software provides the user with a rich set of functions, leaving him the opportunity to fine-tune its operation. Allows you to change security settings and IP filters. It can be started with the start of the OS, manually or automatically.

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We don”t have any change log information yet for version 3.43.0 of FileZilla 64-bit. Sometimes publishers take a little while to make this information available, so please check back in a few days to see if it has been updated. Download FileZilla for Windows to perform multiple simultaneous file transfers to and from FTP site, server, or host with a mere flick. FileZilla has had 5 updates within the past 6 months.

The main window of the program interface is a log file by which you can evaluate the events occurring. Despite such high functionality and almost limitless configuration possibilities, it puts forward low resource requirements. You can free download FileZilla Server official latest version for Windows XP in English.

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Filezilla Windows Xp 64 Bit

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FileZilla Description

FileZilla Client is a free open source cross-platform FTP, FTPS and SFTP client with lots of useful features and an intuitive graphical user interface.
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– Support for FTP, FTP over SSL/TLS (FTPS) and SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
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– Filename filters
– Network configuration wizard
– Remote file editing
– HTTP/1.1, SOCKS5 and FTP-Proxy support
You can use FileZilla with virtually any hosting server.

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Filezilla Server For Windows Xp

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  • enableAutoHeight enables an autoheight of grid
  • enableAutoWidth changes grid”s container size on the fly to fit total width of grid columns
  • enableCellIds enables/disables unique id for cells (id will be automatically created using the following template: “c_[RowId]_[colIndex]”)
  • enableHeaderImages specifies if values passed to Header are images file names
  • init initializes grid
  • setAwaitedRowHeight sets a height which will be used in the smart rendering mode for row calculation, the function needs to be used if you use a custom skin for grid which changes default row height
  • setCSVDelimiter change csv delimiter
  • setColAlign sets an align of values in columns
  • setColSorting sets column sort types (avaialble: str, int, date, na or function object for custom sorting)
  • setColTypes sets column types
  • setColVAlign sets a vertical align of columns
  • setColWidth sets the width of specified column in pixels (soen”t works with procent based grid)
  • setDelimiter sets delimiter character used in list values (default is ”,”)
  • setHeader sets header label and default params for new headers
  • setIconPath sets path to external images used in grid ( tree and img column types )
  • setImagePath sets path to grid internal images (sort direction, any images used in editors, checkbox, radiobutton)
  • setInitWidths sets width of columns in pixels
  • setInitWidthsP sets width of columns in percents
  • setNoHeader creates grid with no header. Called before initialization, but after setHeader. setHeader have to be called in any way as it defines number of columns
  • setSkin sets one of predefined css styles (xp, mt, gray, light, clear, modern)
  • setStyle modifies default style of grid and its elements. Call before or after Init
  • uid returns unique ID

Starting from dhtmlxGrid 1.5, the grid supports filtering API that works in the normal, paging, and smart rendering modes (filtering in smart rendering mode is the fastest one, that”s why it is recommended to be used with relatively big datasets). Creating Filter for Grid. An HTML element becomes a grid container when its display property is set to grid or inline-grid.

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  1. DHTMLX Grid is a full-featured DataGrid library that provides cutting-edge functionality and fast performance with large data sets. The component allows filtering and sorting data according to various criteria. Filters can be added inside headers or put outside of the grid. Sorting feature is available by default.
  2. DHTMLX Dynamic load and pagination. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
  3. “combo” excell uses dhtmlXCombo as the editor and supports all modes of this component. There are two ways of setting a combo: 1) For the whole column; 2) For a certain cell.

Data Loading

Dhtmlx Grid Pro

  • changePage changes current page in grid
  • changePageRelative changes current page in grid
  • clearAll deletes all rows in grid
  • clearAndLoad clears an existing grid state and load new XML
  • enableCSVAutoID enables mode, where ID for rows loaded from CSV autogenerated
  • enableCSVHeader enables recognizing the first row in CSV as header
  • enableDistributedParsing enables/disables the distributed parsing (rows are parsed portion by portion with some timeout)
  • enablePaging enables the smart paging mode
  • enableSmartRendering enables the smart rendering mode
  • getRowAttribute gets row attribute
  • getStateOfView returns details about current grid state
  • getUserData gets user Data
  • load loads data from an external file ( xml, json, jsarray, csv )
  • loadCSVFile loads grid from CSV file
  • loadCSVString loads grid from CSV string
  • parse loads data from local datasource ( xml string, csv string, xml island, xml object, json objecs , javascript array )
  • preventIECaching prevents caching in IE by adding random values to URL string
  • setAwaitedRowHeight sets a height which will be used in the smart rendering mode for row calculation, the function needs to be used if you use a custom skin for grid which changes default row height
  • setCSVDelimiter change csv delimiter
  • setDelimiter sets delimiter character used in list values (default is ”,”)
  • setPagingSkin allows to set custom paging skin
  • setPagingTemplates allows to set paging templates for default skin
  • setPagingWTMode configures paging with toolbar mode ( must be called BEFORE enablePaging)
  • setRowAttribute sets new attribute to the row
  • setUserData sets user data to row
  • startFastOperations starts fast operation mode, in such mode events are not generated, some time consuming actions applied only once, which allow to increase performance
  • stopFastOperations turns off fast operation mode, need to be executed to normalize view.
  • updateFromXML refreshes grid from XML ( doesnt work for buffering, tree grid or rows in smart rendering mode )

Rows manipulations

  • addRow adds row to the grid
  • changeRowId changes id of the row to the new one
  • copyRowContent copies row content to another existing row
  • deleteRow deletes a row from the grid
  • deleteSelectedRows deletes a selected row(s)
  • doesRowExist determines if a row with specified id exists
  • enableAlterCss sets even/odd css styles
  • enableMultiline sets the multiline rows support to enabled or disabled state
  • enableRowsHover enables/disables hovering row on mouse over
  • enableRowspan enables rowspan in grid
  • forEachRow executes a code for each row in a grid
  • getAllRowIds gets a list of all row ids in grid
  • getChangedRows gets a list of IDs of changed rows
  • getCheckedRows gets a list of Ids of all rows with checked exCell in specified column
  • getRowId gets a row id by index
  • getRowIndex gets a row index by id (grid only)
  • getRowsNum returns count of row in grid ( in case of dynamic mode it will return expected count of rows )
  • getSelectedRowId gets a selected row id
  • lockRow locks/unlocks a row for editing
  • moveRow moves a row
  • moveRowDown moves a row one position down if it”s possible
  • moveRowTo moves a row
  • moveRowUp moves a row one position up if possible
  • selectRow selects a row (and first cell of it)
  • selectRowById selects a row by ID
  • setCheckedRows sets a value for all checkboxes in specified column
  • setRowColor sets background color of row (via bgcolor attribute)
  • setRowExcellType sets excell type for all cells in specified row
  • setRowHidden hides/shows row (warning! – this command doesn”t affect row indexes, only visual appearance)
  • setRowId sets new id for row by its index
  • setRowTextBold sets row text BOLD
  • setRowTextNormal sets row text weight to normal
  • setRowTextStyle sets style to row
  • showRow scrolls row to the visible area

Columns manipulations

Dhtmlx Grid Column Types

  • adjustColumnSize autosizes a column to max content size
  • deleteColumn deletes a column
  • enableColumnMove enables the move column functionality
  • enableHeaderMenu enables the pop up menu which allows hiding/showing columns
  • enableResizing enables/disables resizing for specified columns
  • enableTooltips enables/disables tooltips for specified columns
  • getColIndexById gets a column index by column id
  • getColType gets a column type by column index
  • getColTypeById gets a column type by column ID
  • getColWidth gets the width of specified column in pixels
  • getColumnId gets the column id of column specified by index
  • getColLabel gets the label of column specified by index
  • getColumnsNum gets number of columns in grid
  • getFooterLabel gets the label of the footer specified by index
  • insertColumn adds a new column to the grid. Can be used after grid was initialized. At least one column should be in grid
  • isColumnHidden gets show/hidden status of column
  • moveColumn moves a column of specified index to new position
  • setColAlign sets an align of values in columns
  • setColSorting sets column sort types (avaialble: str, int, date, na or function object for custom sorting)
  • setColTypes sets column types
  • setColVAlign sets a vertical align of columns
  • setColWidth sets the width of specified column in pixels (doesn”t work with percent based grid)
  • setColumnColor colorizes columns background.
  • setColumnExcellType sets excell type for all cells in specified column
  • setColumnHidden hides/shows a column
  • setColumnId sets id to specified column.
  • setColumnIds sets id to every column. Can be used then to retreive the index of the desired column
  • setColLabel sets new column header label
  • setColumnMinWidth sets minimum column width ( works only for manual resizing )
  • setColumnsVisibility sets list of visible/hidden columns
  • setFooterLabel sets new label for cell in footer


Cells manipulation

  • cellById gets a dhtmlXGridCellObject object (if no arguments then gets dhtmlXGridCellObject object of currently selected cell)
  • cellByIndex gets a dhtmlXGridCellObject object
  • cells gets a dhtmlXGridCellObject object (if no arguments then gets dhtmlXGridCellObject object of currently selected cell)
  • cells2 gets a dhtmlXGridCellObject object
  • checkAll checks all checkboxes in grid
  • clearChangedState clears wasChanged state for all cells in grid
  • editCell creates an Editor object and switch a cell to the edit mode if allowed
  • editStop retuns a value from editor(if presents) to cell and closes editor
  • enableCellIds enables/disables unique id for cells (id will be automatically created using the following template: “c_[RowId]_[colIndex]”)
  • enableColSpan enables/disables the colspan support
  • enableEditEvents enables/disables events which fires excell editing, mutual exclusive with enableLightMouseNavigation
  • enableMarkedCells sets the marked cells support to enabled or disabled state
  • enableMathEditing enables/disables editing of math cells
  • enableRowspan enables rowspan in grid
  • enableTooltips enables/disables tooltips for specified columns
  • forEachCell executes a code for each cell in a row
  • getCombo gets a Combo object of specified column. Uses it to change a select box value for a cell before opening editor
  • getCustomCombo gets combobox specific for the cell in question
  • getMarked gets marked cells
  • getSelectedCellIndex gets the index of selected cell
  • mark sets selection or removes selection from specified cell
  • selectCell sets selection to specified row-cell
  • setCellExcellType sets excell type for cell in question
  • setCellTextStyle sets a style to cell
  • setColspan dynamically sets colspan in row starting from specified column index
  • setColumnExcellType sets excell type for all cells in specified column
  • setDateFormat sets mask for date formatting in cell
  • setEditable manages editibility of the grid
  • setMathRound enables/disable rounding while math calculations
  • setNumberFormat sets mask for formatting numeric data ( works for [ed/ro]n excell only or oher cell types with suport for this method)
  • setRowExcellType sets excell type for all cells in specified row
  • setRowspan sets rowspan with specified length starting from specified cell
  • uncheckAll unchecks all checkboxes in grid
  • unmarkAll removes selection from all marked cell


  • clearSelection removes selection from the grid
  • deleteSelectedRows deletes a selected row(s)
  • enableBlockSelection enables the block selection mode in grid
  • enableMultiselect sets the multiselect mode to enabled or disabled state
  • forceLabelSelection affects the block selection, so it will copy|paste only visible text , not values behind
  • getSelectedCellIndex gets the index of selected cell
  • getSelectedRowId gets a selected row id
  • selectAll selects all rows in grid, it doesn”t fire any events
  • selectCell sets selection to specified row-cell
  • selectRow selects a row (and first cell of it)
  • selectRowById selects a row by ID

Get libreoffice. Sorting

  • enableStableSorting enables stable sorting algorithm
  • getSortingState gets sorting state of grid
  • setColSorting sets column sort types (avaialble: str, int, date, na or function object for custom sorting)
  • setCustomSorting sets custom sorting (custom sort has three params – valueA,valueB,order; where order can be asc or des)
  • setSortImgState sets position and visibility of sort arrow
  • sortRows sort grid


  • collectValues gets all possible values in column
  • filterBy filters grid by mask
  • filterByAll forces grid filtering by registered inputs ( created by # starting shortcuts, or by makeFilter function )
  • findCell finds a cell in grid by value
  • getFilterElement gets input object of filter linked to column in question
  • makeFilter creates a filter from any input element (text filter), select (dropdown) or DIV (combobox based on dhtmlxCombo)
  • makeSearch creates a search box (set selection to the row with found value) from any input
  • refreshFilters refreshes filtering ( can be used if data in grid changed and filters need to be updated )


  • collapseAllGroups collapses all groups
  • collapseGroup collapses group of rows
  • expandAllGroups expands all groups
  • expandGroup expands a group of rows
  • groupBy groups grid content by values of specified column


  • enableDragAndDrop enables/disables drag-and-drop
  • enableDragOrder switches to the mode when dragged item, dropped in target location in the same order as they were in the source grid
  • enableMercyDrag enables dragging without removing (copy instead of move)
  • gridToGrid redefines this method in your code to define how grid row values should be used in another grid
  • gridToTreeElement redefines this method in your code to define how grid row values should be used in tree (using input parameters you can change id of new tree node, set label, set userdata blocks etc.).
  • rowToDragElement redefines this method in your code to define how grid row values should be displaied while draging
  • setDragBehavior sets Drag-And-Drop behavior (child – drop as chils, sibling – drop as sibling
  • setDragText defines text (single and plural forms) for extended visual appearence of drag-n-drop
  • treeToGridElement redefines this method in your code to define how tree node values should be used in grid (using input parameters you can change id of new row, values for cells, userdata blocks etc.).

Clipboard operations

  • addRowFromClipboard adds a new row from the clipboard
  • cellToClipboard copies a value of cell to the clipboard
  • copyBlockToClipboard copies content of block selection into the clipboard in csv format (delimiter as set for csv serialization)
  • enableBlockSelection enables the block selection mode in grid
  • enableCSVAutoID enables mode, where ID for rows loaded from CSV autogenerated
  • enableCSVHeader enables recognizing the first row in CSV as header
  • forceLabelSelection affects the block selection, so it will copy|paste only visible text , not values behind
  • gridFromClipboard init grid from CSV stored in clipboard
  • gridToClipboard copies grid in CSV to clipboard
  • pasteBlockFromClipboard pastes content of clipboard into the block selection of grid
  • rowToClipboard copies a value of row to the clipboard
  • updateCellFromClipboard sets value of cell from clipboard
  • updateRowFromClipboard sets value of row from clipboard

Cookies operations

  • clearConfigCookie clears cookie with grid config details
  • enableAutoHiddenColumnsSaving enables automatic saving the column state ( hidden | shown )
  • enableAutoSaving enables an automatic saving of all possible params
  • enableAutoSizeSaving enables an automatic size saving to cookie
  • enableOrderSaving enables automatic column order saving to cookie
  • enableSortingSaving enables automatic sorting state saving to cookie
  • loadHiddenColumnsFromCookie loads sorting order from cookie
  • loadOpenStates loads open state of TreeGrid in cookie
  • loadOrderFromCookie loads the column order from cookie
  • loadSizeFromCookie loads grid layout from cookie
  • loadSortingFromCookie loads the sorting order from cookie
  • saveHiddenColumnsToCookie saves hidden columns to cookie
  • saveOpenStates stores opened state of TreeGrid in cookie
  • saveOrderToCookie saves column order to cookie
  • saveSizeToCookie saves grid layout to cookie
  • saveSortingToCookie saves sorting order to cookie

Saving data

  • enableCSVAutoID enables mode, where ID for rows loaded from CSV autogenerated
  • enableCSVHeader enables recognizing the first row in CSV as header
  • enableMathSerialization enables/disables serialization of math formulas
  • save – saves row data in DB
  • serialize gets actual xml of grid. The depth of serialization can be set with setSerializationLevel method
  • serializeToCSV serializes to CSV string
  • setCSVDelimiter change csv delimiter
  • setFieldName allows to define input name which will be used for data sending, name may contain next auto-replaced elements – GRID_ID – ID of grids container, ROW_ID – ID of row, ROW_INDEX – index of row, COLUMN_ID – id of column, COLUMN_INDEX – index of column
  • setSerializableColumns configures which column must be serialized (if you do not use this method, then all columns will be serialized)
  • setSerializationLevel configures XML serialization
  • submitAddedRows includes additional data with info about which rows was added and which deleted, enabled by default
  • submitOnlyChanged includes only changed rows in form submit
  • submitOnlyRowID includes only row”s IDS in form submit
  • submitOnlySelected includes only selected rows in form submit
  • submitSerialization includes serialized grid as part of form submit

Civ 6 angkor wat. Other extensions

  • bind binds components
  • disableUndoRedo disables Undo/Redo functionality in grid
  • doRedo ReDo
  • doUndo UnDo
  • enableContextMenu enables/disables the context menu
  • enableEditTabOnly enables/disables the mode when readonly cell is not available with tab
  • enableKeyboardSupport enables/disables hot keys in grid
  • enableLightMouseNavigation enables/disables the light mouse navigation mode (row selection with mouse over, editing with * single click), mutual exclusive with enableEditEvents
  • enableUndoRedo enables the Undo/Redo functionality in grid
  • getRedo gets the length of available ReDo operations
  • getUndo gets the length of available UnDo operations
  • hidePivot hides a pivot table related to grid, if any exists, switch grid back to normal mode
  • makePivot shows a pivot table based on grid
  • printView generates a print friendly view
  • setExternalTabOrder sets elements which get focus when tab is pressed in the last or first (tab+shift) cell
  • setTabOrder sets tab order of columns

Cell methods

  • getValue – gets the value of the specified cell
  • setValue – sets the value for the specified cell
  • isDisabled – indicates whether the specified cell is disabled
  • setDisabled – disables/enabled the specified cell
  • isChecked – indicates whether a checkbox or radio is checked
  • getAttribute – checks whether the specified cell has a certain attribute
  • getBgColor – determines the background color of the cell
  • getHorAlign – retrieves the horizontal alignment set in the cell
  • getMathValue – gets the math formula specified for the cell if any
  • getTextColor – determines the text color of the cell
  • getTitle – gets the value of the specified cell as it”s displayed in the grid
  • getWidth – gets the width of the cell in pixels
  • setAttribute – sets a custom attribute (flag) for the specified cell
  • setBgColor – sets the background color for the cell
  • setHorAlign – sets the horizontal alignment in the cell
  • setTextColor – sets the text color for the cell

My Top Artist Spotify

If you haven’t danced to Lil Pump in Alabama or worked out to 6ix9ine in New York, have you even lived?

If you’re listening to music on your phone, chances are you’ve downloaded Spotify. There are millions of artists on Spotify and a number of genres to choose from, but we at All Home Connections decided to see which one your state can’t get enough of.

In 2018, Starboy won the same award, making him the 1st artist ever to win twice. His 6-track project My Dear Melancholy marked his 3rd consecutive #1 bow on the Billboard Top 200, & “Pray For Me” with Kendrick Lamar was featured in the trailer for the Academy Award winning Marvel film Black Panther. Your most played tracks and artists on Spotify of the last four weeks, six months or all time!

How’d we do it? We used Spotify’s US “Top 200” chart, then analyzed each artist’s search rank and cross-referenced it with Google trends to determine the 27 most popular artists in the country.

Interested to know what your state is listening to? Grab your dancing shoes or get ready to hunker down and cry, because you’re about to find out.

  • Spotify Wrapped shows you not only the songs and artists you listened to most, but also how much time you spent on the service and where the artists you listen to are from.
  • In Spotify’s case, someone is certainly getting paid, but with song royalties at an estimated $0.00348 per stream, it’s not the working-class recording artist. By Damon Krukowski and Joyce.

25 Pop + Dance Pop States

Pop and Dance Pop are the clear favorites in the majority of states. Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” came in on top, having been streamed more than 1.7 billion times. At $0.0038 per stream, Ed has made upwards of $6.6 million on that song alone.

In 6 of the 9 states that prefer Demi Lovato, there happens to be a higher-than-average female/male ratio (girl power for the win). Artists like Charlie Puth, Demi Lovato, Hailee Steinfeld, and Taylor Swift are made popular mostly by teens and preteens, and are all connected to states that have a population of 0-18 year olds above the national average.

12 HipHop States

If you’ve never heard A$AP Ferg, Kendrick Lamar, or Young Thug, you’re probably not a HipHop fan (and if you want to be, now’s a good time to look them up).

Anyone wanting to get down and dance should join New Yorkers and tune into 6ix9ine, rated the most energetic artist according to Spotify’s internal classification algorithm. Wyoming surprised us with their love of Hip Hop—despite stereotypes and the fact that they have more country radio stations than any other genre.

10 Rap States

When it comes to Rap-lovers, the East Coast is where it’s at. We’re talking Kodak Black, G-Eazy, and Post Malone (whose 2018 success is breaking records)—favorited everywhere from Florida to Delaware. According to Spotify data, Logic takes the cake for the longest songs, Lil Pump for the most danceable, KYLE for the slowest tempo, and Huncho Jack for the happiest (weird, but true).

3 Miscellaneous States

The remaining three states are the outliers. West Virginia is the only state who prefers country music, New Hampshire is the only Chainsmokers (EDM) fan, and Idaho the one state who favors Imagine Dragons.

West Virginians march to the beat of their own drum (or banjo), so if anyone is going to love Kane Brown, it’s them. As to New Hampshire—we now have someone to blame for the excessive Chainsmoker radio appearance. The whole country was jamming to “Closer” in 2016, but New Hampshire still refuses to let it go two years later.

Is your state’s favorite artist on your Spotify playlist?

Full List:

      • Alabama – Lil Pump
      • Alaska – G-Eazy
      • Arizona – The Weeknd
      • Arkansas – Demi Lovato
      • California – A$AP Ferg
      • Colorado – A$AP Ferg
      • Connecticut – Huncho Jack
      • Delaware – Trippie Redd
      • Florida – Kodak Black
      • Georgia – Young Thug
      • Hawaii – Ed Sheeran
      • Idaho – Imagine Dragons
      • Illinois – Kendrick Lamar
      • Indiana – Demi Lovato
      • Iowa – Taylor Swift
      • Kansas – Hailee Steinfeld
      • Kentucky – Demi Lovato
      • Louisiana – Demi Lovato
      • Maine – Justin Timberlake
      • Maryland – Kendrick Lamar
      • Massachusetts – Dua Lipa
      • Michigan – Kendrick Lamar
      • Minnesota – Justin Timberlake
      • Mississippi – Migos
      • Missouri – Justin Timberlake
      • Montana – Maroon 5
      • Nebraska – Post Malone
      • Nevada – Kendrick Lamar
      • New Hampshire – The Chainsmokers
      • New Jersey – Dua Lipa
      • New Mexico – Logic
      • New York – 6ix9ine
      • North Carolina – Kendrick Lamar
      • North Dakota – Hailee Steinfeld
      • Ohio – Demi Lovato
      • Oklahoma – Demi Lovato
      • Oregon – A$AP Ferg
      • Pennsylvania – Demi Lovato
      • Rhode Island – NAV
      • South Carolina – Demi Lovato
      • South Dakota – Charlie Puth
      • Tennessee – Justin Timberlake
      • Texas – A$AP Ferg
      • Utah – Taylor Swift
      • Vermont – KYLE
      • Virginia – Demi Lovato
      • Washington – Charlie Puth
      • West Virginia – Kane Brown
      • Wisconsin – Justin Timberlake
      • Wyoming – XXXTenntacion

Image Credits: (All images sourced from Instagram unless otherwise noted)
Charlie Puth- Credit: @charlieputh, Demi Lovato- Credit: @ddlovato, Dua Lipa- Credit: @dualipa, Ed Sheeran- Credit: Eva Rinaldi (Image Cropped), Hailee Steinfeld- Credit: @haileesteinfeld, Justin Timberlake- Credit: Gage Skidmore (Image Cropped), Maroon 5- Credit: Justin Higuchi (Image Cropped), Taylor Swift- Credit: Jana Beamer (Image Cropped), The Weeknd- Credit: Anton Mark (Image Cropped), G-Eazy- Credit: g_eazy, Huncho Jack- Credit: @quavohuncho, Kodak Black- Credit: Atlantic Records, KYLE- Credit: @superduperkyle, Lil Pump- Credit:@lilpump, Logic- Credit: @logic, Migos- Credit: Charito Yap, NAV- Credit: @nav, Post Malone- Credit: @postmalone, Trippie Redd- @trippieredd, 6ix9ine- Credit: 6ix9ine Youtube, A$AP Ferg- Credit: Charito Yap, Kendrick Lamar- Credit: @kendricklamar, XXXTenntacion- Credit: @xxxtentacion, Young Thug- Credit: @youngthug, Imagine Dragons- Credit: Drew de F Fawkes, Kane Brown- Credit: Sony Music Entertainment, The Chainsmokers- Credit: @thechainsmokers

As 2019 draws to a close, so too does a stellar year of streaming on Spotify. You may be reflecting back on the past 12 months, thinking about your own music discoveries and the songs you repeated over, and over, and over. (You’ll be able to check them out on your personal Wrapped cards later this week). We’re doing the same—but for the entire world.


We dove into the newcomers, showstoppers, and top performers who united the globe with music and podcasts this year. And ahead of the brand-new decade, we also looked back on the last 10 years in music to reveal who dominated global listening.

So, what did the world listen to in 2019?

This year, Post Maloneclaimed the spot of most-streamed artist with over6.5 billion streams from fans around the globe. It’s the rapper-singer-songwriter’s first time topping Spotify’s Wrapped list, and he did it just 12 weeks after dropping his album Hollywood’s Bleeding (which also happens to be the second most-streamed album globally this year). His collaboration with Swae Lee on “Sunflower” from Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse rounded out the top three most-streamed songs of the year, which gives the artist a spot in each of our three major music categories (top artists, top songs, and top albums).

The second-most-streamed artist of the year is 17-year-old singer-songwriter and first time Grammy nominee Billie Eilish, who by now, definitely deserves that crown. In this year alone, she dropped her album WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? and surpassed 6 billion streams. The album has proven to be the top-streamed release of 2019, marking a milestone—Billie is the first female artist to have her album top the Wrapped most-streamed album category. Her dark staccato hit “bad guy” also ranks as the second-most-streamed song of the year.

Spotify Wrapped Top Artist

Finally, Ariana Grande released her immensely popular album thank u, next in February, propelling her to number three on Spotify’s list of most-streamed-artists globally. Her song “7 rings” was also in the top five most streamed this year, giving Ariana a strong two years in the top 10 of Spotify’s Wrapped list. Listeners also showed Taylor Swift lots of love, making her the year’s third top-streamed female artist after her album Lover generated popular tracks like “ME!” and “You Need to Calm Down.”

When it comes to the most-streamed female artist of the decade, Ariana once again takes the cake. Only tears of joy left to cry for this one. (And the top male artist? Last year’s Scorpion king, Drake.)

The year’s top song comes from the duo that took the Northern Hemisphere’s summer by storm: “Señorita” by Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabellosaw more than 1 billion streams. After “Señorita,” “bad guy,” “Sunflower,” and “7 rings,” the year’s fifth-most-streamed track came from Lil Nas XandBilly Ray Cyrus. Theytook their horse all the way to the front with “Old Town Road – Remix.”

This year was a big one for podcast growth on Spotify. There are now more than 500,000 podcast titles available, and our podcast audience has grown by more than 50% since the start of the year. We’ve also seen a 39% increase in podcast hours consumed by listeners quarter over quarter.People are clearly loving podcasts, tuning in the most to Spotify Original The Joe Budden Podcast with Rory and Mal, followed by My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstarkand Germany’s Gemischtes Hack.The most-streamed podcast genre of 2019 was comedy, showing that laughter is truly universal.

Take a look at some of the world’s top songs, artists, genres, and trends:

Can’t get enough of the chart toppers? Check out our lists of the top artists, songs, albums, groups, podcasts, and more below—and don’t forget to tune in later this week to theWrapped microsite to see your personal favorites and receive a playlist based on your tastes. Plus, we’ve also created the ultimate Playlist of the Decade: the biggest songs of the past 10 years according to fan streaming.

So without further ado …

Spotify’s Global Top Lists 2019:

Tickled wechat. Most-Streamed Artists

WordPress lead generation theme. Most-Streamed Female Artists

Most-Streamed Male Artists

Most-Streamed Tracks

Most-Streamed Albums

Most-Streamed Podcasts

Most-Streamed Spotify Original Podcasts


“A Decade Wrapped” Spotify’s Top Lists 2010–2019

My Spotify Stats

Most-Streamed Artists of the Decade (Global)

My Top Artists Spotify

Most-Streamed Female Artists of the Decade (Global)

Spotify My Top Albums

Most-Streamed Male Artists of the Decade (Global)

Most-Streamed Tracks of the Decade (Global)

My Top Artist Spotify 2020

Click here to download the infographic.

Eddm Examples

Every Door Direct Mail and EDDM Retail — Dimensions and Physical Standards for Standard Flat Mailpieces

Standard Mail® flats are the only type of mailpiece that can be used with Every Door Direct Mail™ (EDDM) Retail, and also are one of the more popular mailpieces used with EDDM entered through Business Mail Entry Units (BMEUs).

When deciding whether flats conform to mailing stan­dards, keep in mind that the length of a flat-size mailpiece is its longest dimension and the height is the dimension perpendicular to its length. The following criteria can be used to determine eligibility of flat-sized mailpieces:

Eddm Examples

EDDM® Example Projects 5000 4.25 x 10.625 full color postcards, $1870 total cost including mailing, just 37¢ each 10000 6 x 11 full color postcards, $3756 total cost including mailing, just 38¢ each 15000 6.25 x 9 full color postcards, $5363 total cost including mailing, just 36¢ each. Eddm template Eddm Postcard Template EDDM Templates EDDMDISCOUNTS Heavy Duty Example Eddm Postcard Sizes 15 Read Usps Every Door Direct Mail Template Model Desk Modern Usps Help Desk Luxury Priority Mail Label 228 Template Example Eddm Real Estate Postcards Eddm Postcard Template Awesome Luxury Format PsPrint Designers EDDM & Direct Mail Presentation Sample, PsPrint Designers EDDM & Direct.

n Rectangular with four square corners or finished cor­ners that do not exceed a radius of 1/8 inch (see Domestic Mail Manual (DMM®) 301.1.1).

n One of the following: more than 11.5 inches long, more than 6 1/8 inches high, or more than 1/4 inch thick (see DMM 301.1.1).(Note: If an 8 1/2 x 11 piece is folded in half, the final dimensions would not be a flat-sized piece.)

Real estate eddm examples

n Not more than15 inches long, 12 inches high, or 3/4 inch thick (see DMM 301.1.1).

n Orientation of the address does not matter, i.e., whether the address is applied parallel to the long or short side of the piece. However, the address must be in the top half of the piece (see DMM 302.2.0).

For more information, go to
or refer to DMM 301.1, Commercial Flats: Physical Standards for Flats, and DMM 601.1, Mail­ability: General Standards.

Shipping Products,
Domestic Products, 6-2-11

Despite the popularity of today’s Internet-driven marketing tools such as social media, search engine marketing, and commercial email, EDDM® marketing remains to be an affordable and cost-effective technique available to businesses.

According to the USPS® Household Study, 81% of the recipients read or scan their mail daily. Because your postcard goes into the homes and hands of the campaign’s target audience, it creates an intimate connection that rivals media channels such as radio and television.

Research has shown that 40% of customers will try a new business after receiving a mail offer.

A typical mail campaign generating a 13 to 1 return on investment. The U.S. Postal Service® offers a highly affordable mail program for local businesses called EDDM®, or Every Door Direct Mail®. This program is ideal for saturation mailing.

To help you plan and keep your campaign on track and as cost-effective as possible, we offer the following EDDM® Guidelines and tips that will help you get the maximum return on your marketing investment before purchasing your EDDM® postcards.

Identify Your Best Audience

The more targeted your message is to a particular audience, the better the response and return you’ll receive. Understand and identify the type of audience you wish to reach, whether that’s an existing one or a new prospect, and customize your message and offer that will best “speak” to that recipient.

They are available in a variety of sizes and printing options to meet your business’s postcard marketing needs.

Select Your Target Area

Instead of shopping for the right mailing list, the Every Door Direct Mail® program means you merely select those zip codes and carrier routes that best target the hottest prospects for your advertising message. Most retailers have a clearly defined geographic radius around their location that accounts for the majority of their business.

Real estate eddm examples

All you need to do is match your “prospect zone” to the existing zip codes and carrier routes by using our mapping tool. We’ve created a tutorial video highlighting the process of selecting a route with our easy-to-use mapping tool.

Resource:EDDM® Mapping Tool Tutorial Video

Many web pages are based on a grid-view, which means that the page is divided into columns: Using a grid-view is very helpful when designing web pages. It makes it easier to place elements on the page. A responsive grid-view often has 12 columns, and has a total width of 100%, and will shrink and expand as you resize the browser window. Grid view css. The grid-template-columns property defines the number of columns in your grid layout, and it can define the width of each column. The value is a space-separated-list, where each value defines the width of the respective column. Make a Website Make a Website (W3.CSS) Make a Website (BS3) Make a Website (BS4) Make a WebBook Center Website Contact Section About Page Big Header Example Website Grid 2 Column Layout 3 Column Layout 4 Column Layout Expanding Grid List Grid View Mixed Column Layout Column Cards Zig Zag Layout Blog Layout Google Google Charts Google Fonts. The CSS Grid Layout Module offers a grid-based layout system, with rows and columns, making it easier to design web pages without having to use floats and positioning. Gets or sets the CSS style for a GridView column when the column is sorted in ascending order. SortedAscendingHeaderStyle: Gets or sets the CSS style to apply to a GridView column heading when the column is sorted in ascending order. SortedDescendingCellStyle: Gets or sets the style of a GridView column when the column is sorted in descending.

Write “Selling” Content

Avoid the fluff and focus on content that helps recipients solve a problem or get a question answered. Prospects aren’t as interested in reading a laundry list of your company’s features as they are in learning how they could benefit from them.

Reach out to customers who can offer authority building testimonials and showcase your professional certifications, such as the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, Trip Advisor, etc.

Customize Your Postcard Design

A well-designed postcard that matches the interests and needs of your target prospects will deliver the best results. Keep the following points in mind when laying out your mailer:

  • Write a straight-to-the-point headline that grabs your audience’s attention.
  • Remember that pictures truly are worth a thousand words.
  • Take advantage of colorand layout to attract attention and reinforce your brand’s familiarity.
  • To boost readership and response, feature your deal prominently on the front of your mail piece.
  • Keep your text as brief and readable as possible, using bullet points or numbers to summarize your key selling points.
  • Don’t overwhelm the reader with excessive graphics or copy; your offer or call-to-action will most likely get lost in the chaos.
  • Use no more than three different fonts on your mailer. Too many fonts make the piece look cluttered and messy. Simplified fonts help with readability.
  • Don’t forget to include all of the basics that prospects will want to know – complete business address, phone number, website, and your social media contact platforms.

The below image is a postcard displaying areas of the postcard that should be considered during the design process. For complete details regarding the image, take a look at the 9 Tips for Designing a Successful Postcard.

  1. Headline
  2. Message
  3. Coupon or Discount
  4. Call-to-Action (CTA)
  5. Contact Information
  6. Photos
  7. Logo
  8. Testimonials
  9. White Space

Create a Compelling Offer

Whether your mailer is intended to spur an immediate sale or attract leads for a future marketing effort, be sure to tell recipients exactly what you want them to do next, and offer a compelling and rewarding reason to do so.

This can be done by including a clear CTA (call-to-action) which can be a discount on products, services, or coupon codes. The below EDDM® example is a postcard dor a coffee shop. The owner included a Free beverage coupon to entice the new customers to bring their mailer to the store to receive their free beverage.

Eddm Templates Free

Consider Your Mailer’s Delivery Date

You want to make sure that your postcard mailing is reaching your audience when they’re most likely to respond. Consider follow-up mailings to boost your overall campaign response rate.

For example, if you are a pool cleaning company, you would want to start marketing your services in the spring so that people’s pools are ready for the summer. You could then follow up in the summer.

Measure and Track Your Results

In the business world, numbers and statistics play a big role in determining the success of a marketing campaign. Don’t assume that you know what your customers want or need—use this service to answer that. If you mail out on a regular basis, test different routes, headlines, and offers.

For example, your clothing company is wanting to do A/B testing. Your first run could be a BOGO Free coupon mailer, and your second one could be a 30% off coupon mailer. You can then compare the results with previous mailings and repeat the most profitable campaigns.

Is EDDM® Right for You?

The above information is a complete guide of EDDM® and what it can offer you and your business. Many businesses can benefit from using this postcard mailing service including Churches, Nonprofits, local politicians, and more.

EDDM® is a great service for sending a message that is relevant to customers in a specific location. Below is a list of some businesses that can benefit from this postcard mailing service.

  • Restaurants
  • Realtors
  • Political Campaign
  • Retail Stores
  • Dentists
  • Lawn Care Services
  • Coffee Shops
  • Dry Cleaners

What is EDDM®

EDDM® is an affordable postcard mailing service provided by the USPS®. You can easily reach customers that matter the most to your business, for less.

  • Oversizes Premium Postcards
  • No Mailing List Required
  • No Need to Sort of Addressing
  • No Mailing Permit is Required
  • The Postage is as low as $0.1675 per Postcard


It allows you to be selective with your audience; you can choose to target your most loyal customers or expand your scope. You use our free online mapping tool to select the delivery date, zip codes, or specific letter carrier routes within those zip codes that best match your targeted marketing area.

  • This medium allows you to track your statistics in regard to the effectiveness of different formats, mailing lists, offers, and more. With this critical information, you can then plan future campaigns.
  • It is a personable and intimate communication between you and your potential customer.
  • Because this is a tangible item, consumers can save mailed coupons for future use and share mailings with others.
  • Best of all, you’ll save the cost and hassles of a mailing list, shipping, and postage permits, paying less than $0.1675 per postcard delivered in addition to the cost of postcard printing.

Primoprint has simplified the regional direct mailing process for me by both lowering the costs as well as the amount of labor needed to execute…” Jamison Young – Smoothy King

Full Service vs Print Only

We offer two types of solutions: Print Only and Full Service.

Eddm indicia templateEdm samples reddit

Print Only, which is also referred to as Every Door Direct Mail®-R (Retail):

Edm Samples Download

  • We print the postcards and ship them to you.
  • You create an account with the USPS® and select your routes on their website.
  • Complete your USPS® paperwork and pay for your postage (17.6¢ per home).
  • After receiving your postcards via the USPS®, you will need to prepare each route’s bundles with facing slips.
  • You then will deliver your postcards to the post office.
  • A maximum of 5,000 postcards per day can be sent.

Full Service

  • You can do it all from your computer.
  • Select an in-mailbox delivery date.
  • Select your mailing routes through our easy-to-use mapping tool.
  • Upload your files or have our creative team create a unique design for your business.
  • Review your order and complete your checkout including postage.
  • We handle the print, processing, and delivery to the post office.
  • There is no limit to the number of postcards that can be sent out each day,

The above information will be helpful whether you are looking to sell more items to current customers or if you’re prospecting for new leads. If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of our customer support representatives.

Libreoffice Synology


LibreofficeLibreoffice synology tutorial

  • A Synology NAS with an Intel processor. If you successfully install on an unit with a different processor architecture, please let us know.
  • Some familiarity of the Synology DSM control panel.
  • Basic understanding of terminal and SSH usage.
  • Knowing how to do minor text editing with nano or vi.
  • Admin access to the DSM control panel.
  • Root SSH access.

LibreOffice is the office suite of reference for Ubuntu, in many systems is pre-installed by default, so check if you have already installed on your system before running the commands below. $ libreoffice –-version (suggested v5.3.0) Get the installation path of your LibreOffice $ whereis libreoffice. Synology Office is a collaboration-oriented application for creating documents, spreadsheets and slides in Synology Drive. You can edit files with various built-in tools and exchange ideas with collaborators via interactive comments and the Synology Chat plugin. For confidential content, you can also encrypt files with passwords for extra privacy. Synology Office is a collaboration-oriented application for creating documents, spreadsheets and slides in Synology Drive. You can edit files with various built-in tools and exchange ideas with collaborators via interactive comments and the Synology Chat plugin. For confidential content, you can also encrypt files with passwords for extra privacy.

Customising ResourceSpace. Customising the header image; Customising the homepage slideshow; Customising the top level navigation; Customising the interface colours. Learn how to set up a brand new Synology NAS with DSM. During this course, we”ll be preparing our Synology NAS specifically to be used as a UniFi Video Contr.

Know your NAS address

You may have configured external access through the dynamic DNS service or some other service. Perhaps your server is only available in the local network. In any case, you”ll need to have the IP address or domain where your NAS is reachable.

The Synology web assistant may be useful to determine the IP address of your NAS in the local network.

Install ipkg

IPKG is a package manager similar to APT or yum. It will allow you to install some dependencies like ghostscript and imagemagick easily. Have your SSH connection ready, you”ll need it here.

  • First, identify your NAS processor and take note of it.
  • Then get and execute the adequate bootstrap script
  • Finally, test ipkg by running:

You should see a list of available packages. If you get a not found error, go back to the previous steps and make sure there were no errors.

Install ipkg package

Run in the terminal:


xpdf will provide pdftotext

Enable WebStation

  • Follow this guide to enable WebStation (Apache server).
  • Create a virtualhost for ResourceSpace in a directory named resourcespace, as detailed in the same guide.

Install MariaDB

The latest versions of DSM have MariaDB instead of MySQL. MariaDB is a drop-in, fully open source replacement for MySQL.

  • In the DSM control panel, open the Package Center, look for MariaDB and click Install.
  • Once installed, open MariaDB and change the root password.

Install exiftool

  • Download exiftool

Install libreoffice synology

  • Extract the contents of the package
  • Copy the exiftool executable to /usr/syno/bin/exiftool

Adding the exiftool directory to PATH isn”t necessary because the full path is configured in ResourceSpace.

Adjust php.ini

In that file, set:

You might need higher values if your users are going to upload video or huge images to the repository.

Fix PHP”s open_basepath

  • In the Control Panel, go to Web Services and click on the PHP Settings tab.
  • Check the Customize PHP open_basedir checkbox.
  • In the open_basedir text field enter:

(this assumes that you named the ResourceSpace virtual host directory resourcespace and that it is located on volume 1)

Install ResourceSpace

Assuming that you named the ResourceSpace virtual host directory resourcespace and that it is located on volume 1:

  • Following the instructions here to check out ResourceSpace.
  • Point your browser to http://[YOUR NAS ADDRESS]/resourcespace and follow the install instructions.

The binary paths are:

Libreoffice Synology Software

Set up the cron job

Libreoffice Synology Setup

  • Open the Control Panel and click on the Task Scheduler.
  • Click on Create and select User defined script.
  • Name the task ResourceSpace.
  • In the User-defined script textarea, enter:

(assuming that the virtual host you set up is named resourcespace)

  • If you need to change the default daily execution frequency, visit the schedule tab.

Secure your NAS

You may have terabytes of valuable assets stored in it, securing them is worth a few extra steps.

Foreigners can use WeChat Pay to pay in China. Current WeChat payment supports the linking and consumption of international bank cards such as VISA, MASTER, AMEX, JCB, DINERSDISCOVER, etc. How to sign up WeChat? Download the latest version of WeChat APP on your mobile phone. How to set up wechat pay for foreigners. WeChat Pay currently have the option for foreigners to connect their international card, however, they had to rely on Chinese friends to transfer the money as people without cards issued in mainland China were restricted to limited functions such as QR code payment. WeChat Pay for Foreigners. Most foreigners believe that WeChat is only meant for Chinese users with a Chinese ID, but the truth is the app is available to anyone with a contact number whether inside or outside China.

  • Disable SSH

It”s best to disable services you aren”t using, as they might open security vulnerabilities. Go to the DSM control panel and disable SSH (and any other services you aren”t using).

Libreoffice Synology Free

  • Fix permissions. In the terminal, run:

Civ 6 Steamdb

Civilization VI offers new ways to interact with your world, expand your empire across the map, advance your culture, and compete against history’s greatest leaders to build a civilization that will stand the test of time. Play as one of 20 historical leaders including Roosevelt (America) and Victoria (England). In your browser, this link will take you to the depot database for Civ 6 in the SteamDB archives. Take note of the App ID listed on this page, as you will eventually need it for console commands (it is also listed in the ACF file).

Civilization 6 has had an arduous journey to where it is currently, initially eschewed by fans for a plethora of reasons ranging from an overly cartoonish graphical art style to newly developed mechanics. Over time, however, as content was added in and bugs were fixed by the developers at Firaxis, the title has enjoyed a far more promising outlook as net reviews on Steam alone show that 83% of players would recommend this title to a friend. The newest leak may have some changing their minds, however.

The turn-based-strategy franchise of Civilization has tended to include DLC since Civilization 4, and the current iteration of the series Civilization 6is no different in that aspect. The most recent title, released on October 21, 2016, brings eight pieces of DLC with a combined total of $146.92. The most recent DLC, the “New Frontier Pass” has been issuing out content piecemeal, and the final aspect of the “New Frontier Pass” is due to arrive sometime in March 2021. The Frontier Pass final pack promises a new game mode and one civilization, which may have just been inadvertently leaked.

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A forum dedicated to the Civilization franchise uncovered achievements for Civilization 6 that show what the new game modes could very well be. It appears that Portugal is finally going to be a playable civilization in Civilization 6 under the leader of João III, also known as John the Pious. The new game mode appears to include zombies as controllable units, a unique turn from the standard strategy stomping grounds of the title. An achievement is gained by controlling “at least 20 zombie units at the start” of a player”s turn. These achievements can be confirmed using SteamDB, showing that Firaxis embedded the achievements for a release relatively soon.

Libreoffice draw portable. Civ 6 is getting zombies and Portugal in the upcoming final pack for Frontier Pass, due out this month. Civilization epic store. via SteamDB

Civ 6 Platinum Steamdb

— Chris Davenport (@GroggyLuck) March 10, 2021

John III of Portugal reigned for more than thirty prosperous years, from 1521 to 1557, marking his reception of power to his death from apoplexy. John III is largely deemed with turning Portugal into a trading powerhouse, marking his reign as Portugal making first trading contact with China and Japan and encouraging diplomacy with former rivaling nations to secure trade routes. One of the more iconic stories of the ruler involved new governors needing to literally fight previous appointees for the position.

The zombies game mode seems to promise a few new mechanics. A variable named “Mutation Strength” seems to affect zombies, where players will earn an achievement for taking down a singular zombie unit with at least 50 Mutation Strength. Along with zombies come traps that will deal damage on various tiles, seemingly at the rulers” behest. A new strategy could be forthcoming where one guides their powerhouse zombies into the territory of a rival nation and have the undead keep the players” units alive and well, although confirmation of how the zombies game mode will work is yet to come.

Civilization 6 is available on Linux, Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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Source: SteamDB, CivFanatics

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CivAbout The Author

Many gamers all around the world have been playing online games with friends and the Epic Games Store has given a new free option: Civilization 6. The game is free to download from the Epic Games Store with no prerequisites whatsoever. This title is normally $59.99 USD so now is the perfect time to grab it before it”s too late.

However, some players already have Civilization 6 installed via Steam. As one of the biggest features of the Sid Meier”s Civilization games is the ability to play with others, some players may be worried if there is crossplay available between the game if players received it from different means.

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Luckily for Civilization 6 players, there is crossplay available between copies purchased from Steam and those purchased or gotten for free from the Epic Games Store. However, players should note that there isn”t crossplay between consoles, PC, and mobile.

In order to quickly join up with friends, players need to use Civ 6“s join code feature. The host player will have to send out the game”s join code to those they want to join. Those who want to join have to input the code on their end so that they may join. This feature allows for players to play together whether they”re playing the Steam version or the Epic Games Store version.

Direct marketing marketing. To input a code when performing crossplay, players should select the multiplayer option on the main menu and then select the “Internet (Unified PC Play)” option that comes up. This will only work with PC versions and is not available for Mac and Linux players. Due to the influx of new players, some players are noting some server crashes or an inability to connect, so players should be prepared for that to occur.

While Sid Meier”sCivilization 6 is currently free, the currently available DLC is not, so players should get a feel for the game before making any committal purchases. Players should also note that the Steam version of Civilization 6 isn”t free and the free version can only be gotten from the Epic Games Store.

With Civ 6“s new unified PC play, even more players can enjoy Civilization 6 together and compete with each other over global conquest and domination.

Civilization 6 is available for iOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Civ 6 Steam Db Wiki

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